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    SSD with IRST:Extrem slow??


      Hi All !


      After I installed my new box [long time ago with SSD as system drive], I measured the speed of my SSD [with iometer and saved it] and

      then started lot of different programs, like Visual Studio [VS] and register their starttime [VS < 2s !!!].


      Over the time, the time, needed to start programs, increases a lot;This was just feeling. In the last time, I began to

      run PerformanceMonitor parallel and finally, found some importent, bad numbers:


      "time needed for transfer" > 5s [yes, SECONDS]. This is usually below the 5 ms mark [one may see 20-30 ms for a usual disk]

      "current disk queue length" 40 !!!! [should not be greater than one;You'll see sometimes values up to ten, for usual disks]


      Going to drivers in Device Manager, I noticed, that my system SSD is managed by IRST also [even it is not part of an array].


      I made a new iometer report, but this shows the same values, like I got at the installation time.


      So, should I update to the new IRST [I have]? Intel is not really good on documentation, the change report on

      the IRST point to an older version !! {Or do they have no quality control???? => OccupyIntel ;-) }].


      Any hints and tips would really be helpful for me.


      Best regards,




      - windows server 2008 R2, en, all patches

      - IRST