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    memory/driver crashes on initial Win32 install on  DG45ID motherboard


      I got the following system to install most of windows but am getting crashes with error screens when drivers install from Windows XP pro and the error screens seem to point toward memory or driver address problems:


      Windows XP operating system

      DG45ID motherboard

      E8400 Core 2 Duo 3gz chip

      1 SATA Western Digital Hard Drive

      1 SATA Samsung DVD

      OCZ 800mhz 4-5-5 DIMM 1gb  2e

      Samsung 48 LCD with HDMI for display


      I took the memory out because of the timing recommended in all the Intel bulletins say use only 5-5-5 or 6-6-6.  So I bought Crucial 4MB 800 DIMM ( 2 sticks) and that got page faults and crashed.  The crucial memory package said (after I got home and opened the package) that "Corsair's line of 4GB memory kits are designed for PC featuring 64-bit operating systems.  Installing 4GB onto PCs with 32 bit operating systems is not advised nor supported under warranty."


      So now I will order online or find in store, one of the specific memory listed in the 'vendor tested' list.  Kingston sells a 1GB stick of recommended for $11.00.


      Is there a reason to be worried about putting 4GB memory on this board with a 32 bit OS?  I haven't built a computer in 7 years but man, what a hassle.

      Any help on drivers being a problem and not installing on this setup using Win XP?  Reading about the Graphics drivers, BIOS updates, etc. I just hope I will not have a problem getting the Win XP installed to be able to verify all drivers are current.