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    I am so confused - need help, simple question


      Hi I bought my laptop a few months ago and its pretty cool. But i'm so confused.


      It says I have:


      Intel HD Graphics


      Radeon HD 6490m


      Whats the difference? I want to get into PC gaming and some people tell me I need to upgrade my Radeon graphics, then some say just upgrade your intel graphics.


      I'm confused.



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          If you're really confuse then it means your laptop has an intel HD graphics processor and  a Radeon HD 6490m graphics card. (hardwares designed for power gaming). If I were you I won't dare try to upgrade it with any other driver software other than its own generic driver which is probably built-in when you bought your laptop . Radeon HD 6490m is probably directx 11 compatible, the best graphics card you could imagine at present time!

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            The current games right now need a lot more. I'm not sure what to upgrade.

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              do not try to upgrade these hardwares yourself unless you are technically oriented, if you like you could go back to where you bought your laptop and ask them to upgrade it for yourself.

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                I bought it from hp.com and called them a few days ago. They said to contact intel or radeon because its not their problem, and they have no clue. But intel and AMD seem to be closed every time I call but i'll keep trying.


                So whats the difference between my intel and the Radeon? Should I upgrade both?

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                  Upgrading drivers is one thing.

                  Upgrading hardware is a different can of worms (in a laptop)


                  Drivers updates are used to fix bugs. Rarely to add features.


                  Hardware upgrades add features.

                  If your game wants some feature, it is unlikely a driver is going to fix it,

                  (there are execptions which is why when it does not work, the first thing you get told is to update the BIOS & Drivers)


                  What game are you trying ot play and what are the video requirements (should be printed on the side of the box or online) ?



                  (P.S. Call HP back. Intel and / or Radeon may have sold a chip to HP to put in to their laptop, but the system design, integration. operation and customer support belong to HP. You may find a generic driver for an Intel component on this website, but Intel's recomendation is to use the driver version off the OEM (HO's) web site because they should have test it in their hardware.

                  The folks here in the users forum are a great bunch and will try to help, but the only ones who will really know your hardware is HP.)


                  Radeon link http://support.amd.com/us/gpudownload/windows/Pages/radeonmob_win7-64.aspx


                  Intel Link http://downloadcenter.intel.com/SearchResult.aspx?lang=eng&ProductFamily=Graphics&ProductLine=Laptop+graphics+controllers&ProductProduct=Intel%c2%ae+HD+Graphics


                  HP Link http://www8.hp.com/us/en/support-drivers.html

                  ( you never said which HP laptop)

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                    give me specifications about your O.S., O.S.bit version (32 or 64),your display adapter,  and the games you are trying to play. Their are instances where the games are to be updated and not the computer or laptop hardwares(updates like game patches in order for the game to work properly). The real name of your display adapter can be seen only in the device manager from your control panel. If you do not know where the device manager is then give me your O.S. first.


                    Yes you have already specified the name of your graphics card but the real name of your display adapter can only be seen in the device manager list. (Of course I'm pretty  sure you're running Windows 7 their judging from your given hardware name and the date you bought your laptop)


                    I'm not an intel guy and I won't advice you to upgrade your driver software but I can give you alternatives that might help you.

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                      I'm trying to play new games like battlefield 3, modern warfare 3, etc. These games seem to require heavy graphics card. When you google 'can you run it?' it searchs your computer and tells you if you can run the game. Everything will work, but my graphics card always falls short.


                      Anyway, I'm running 64-bit windows 7. When I look up display adapters I get the Radeon and the intel, and thats it.


                      Also, calling HP is useless. I spent 40 minutes on the phone, got connected 4-5 times, and they finally told me they don't know how to upgrade it and to contact intel/radeon/AMD.

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                        I have here with me the "modern warfare 4":

                        minimum system requirements:

                        2 gigabyte of memory(Ram)

                        2 GHz cpu processor


                        but it ran on my system which is:

                        1 gigabyte of Ram

                        1.86 GHz cpu processor

                        system video memory, only 8 MB

                        display adapter= intel mobile 965 express chipset family

                        O.S= Windows 7,32bit (that was when i was yet running on 32 bit)


                        the result:

                        low fps but considerable by doing some tweaks from the video options(setting most features to low but not all)


                        I completed the game, completed almost half of the secret then I get cheats to be enabled, one of them is:

                        super contrast (Whooowww! super reality very rich colored images just filled up my screen I just can't stop playing it over and over again!!! the colors are just very satisfying!!!)


                        Now if you're not satisfied with your current gameplay display and wanted to upgrade it you could go to the nearest service center of your laptop (if your laptop brand is HP then go to the HP laptop service center or DELL laptop then go to DELL laptop service center, etc.), then tell them what you want to happen to your laptop or what you want your laptop to do for you.