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    HD 3000 Graphics corrupting data on hard disk




      I am facing a strange problem in a PC, which I recently assembled with following Parts:


      1) Intel DH61WW desktop board

      2) Intel Core i5-2500k with on chip Intel HD 3000 graphics.

      3) WD 500GB Hard disk

      4) 4GB DDR3 RAM


      I'm getting CRC errors, whenever I try to install some software on the PC. The problem comes in a specific way:

      1) I copy some software from external hard disk to internal hard drive.

      2) Then I try to install the software and then setup gives CRC error or the file is corrupted.


      I had tried a lot to identify the problem and finally got, the problem is with the Intel HD 3000 graphics driver.


      Whenever I uninstall Intel HD 3000 graphics driver, and re-copy the software from external hard disk to internal hard disk and install again, Then software is installing without a problem.


      Also, If I copy the software on to the hard disk with graphics driver installed. and then uninstall the driver and install that software, then again CRC problems come. It seems that some how this graphics driver is corrupting the data which is being copied on the hard disk.


      I have tried my best to overcome this problem, I had also tried by changing hard disk and cables, I have also tried by updating the drivers and bios. but the problem is coming in the same way.


      Please, let me know if someone can help me with this problem.



      Gunpal Jain

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          Based on your tests, to help diagnose the cause of the problem, I'd suggest the following:


          1. Remove the video driver.


          2. Remove the program you are having conflicts with.


          3. Just to be sure, restart the system into BIOS by pressing <F2> during the boot process.  Once in the BIOS setup utility, press <F9> to restore BIOS default settings.  Reset any customized BIOS settings. Clear all DMI event logs by setting the option to "Enable", which is located in the Advanced/Event Log Configuration section of the BIOS Setup utility.  Press <F10> to save the new settings and reboot the system.


          4. Restart the system into the Operating System via Safe Mode, and from there, attempt to install the program.


          5. Restart the system into the Operating System normal mode, and install the video driver.


          Please, if possible, let us know what is the software you are having conflicts installing and, also, please, confirm if you initially installed the Operating System with our latest Intel(R) Chipset Software Installation Utility as outlined here:



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            So whenever you copy files via usb with hd driver being installed it results data corruption over the usb. interesting I have exactly the same system but no external usb drive to try to reproduce the problem. I have 2x500Gb but not yet a usb converter to try.

            Could you perhaps copy the setup with and then without the hd driver installed and then hex-compare with hex-editor both the copies to point out the differences that occurred by producing a text files containing the different bits, are these differences  the same every time or randomly corrupted bits.

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              Hi Salem,


              It seems to be a bug in the HD driver or some kind of manufacturing defect. I have tried to replace the mother board, I installed new DH61WW on my computer, I'm getting same results. with HD driver installed software gives errors, if copied from USB. However software runs fine if copied without HD driver. I have also tried many time installing new drivers, reformatted hard drive etc. but the results are same.


              More specifically here are the test results after reformatting hdd and reinstalling windows:


              Scenario 1: (setup.exe copied with hd driver, setup run with hd driver)     

              1) latest intel chipset drivers and hd drivers are installed.

              2) Setup.exe is copied from external hard disk through USB.

              3) Run setup.exe

              and setup gives error



              Scenario 2: (setup.exe copied with hd driver, setup run without hd driver)


              1) uninstalls HD driver

              2) runs the existing copied file

              3) setup gives error



              Scenario 3: (setup.exe copied without hd driver, setup run without hd driver)

              1) with HD driver being uninstalled, copies setup.exe file from external hard disk

              2) Run setup.exe

              3) setup does not give error


              Scenario 4: (setup.exe copied without hd driver, setup run with hd driver)

              1) with HD Driver being uninstalled, copy setup.exe through USB

              2) reinstall HD Driver

              3) run setup.exe

              4) setup does not give error



              Therefore from above four scenarios hd driver causing problem.


              Also, if I copy file with HD driver being installed through DVD or LAN. the same file run flawlessly. Hence, it seems it is only affecting the data transfer through USB only.


              Regarding Software I'm trying to install, This problem is coming in many software which do check CRC errors i.e. software having self extracting zip files. I have tried this on many software. Specifically,  some of them are:

              1) Adobe Reader 9

              2) Adobe Dreamweaver CS5 trial

              3) Visual Studio 2010

              4) Some games, Tomb raider aniversary, Assassin's Creed II etc.

              and many more.



              Finally, I'm deciding to replace the board with DH67BL. Let's pray this problem is not there in that board.



              Gunpal Jain

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                Hi Nipo,


                Not everything is corrupting, This problem is specifically coming in some setup files, which do self extraction and checks CRC codes.


                I think, there would be some minor changes in bits only. may be some of the bits in million is being affected by this. It will be difficult to analyse the changes, But I'll try to see what we get.



                Gunpal Jain

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                  I finally found the exact cause of problem. It was a problem of RAM.


                  Basically, I have two RAMs 2GB each. One of the RAM had some problem, so it was corrupting the data,


                  The problem was specifically coming with HD driver because it was covering the good RAM. and whenever I uninstalled the driver, problem was disappearing because it was releasing the good RAM.


                  For people struggling with similar type of errors, Please double check your RAM.



                  Gunpal Jain

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                    Curious thing, a friend of mine has got a quite similar issue: files copied to USB drives are corrupted.

                    Intel core i5-2400 with Asus p8h67-m pro motherboard, latest driver


                    He noticed on big archives, quite easy to reproduce if you copy three of four 1.5 GB archives, detach the HDD, attach it again and try to extract files.

                    Today we've got 75% files with CRC errors, like 3 our of 4 files were corrupted.


                    The strangest thing so far is that after the installation, on default with 7 x64 drivers it works just fine.

                    Then, when the friend installs a driver or updates driver via "update driver" in device manager, the problem with copying appears.

                    x86 win 7 works perfectly, the issue does not appear after driver installation.

                    memtest86 didn't find any issues after 4 hours of work.

                    It looks like an issue with win7 x64 driver, however it is very strange. Other 64 bit OS systems - Fedora 16 works just fine, 100% checksum match.


                    The guy is likely to give up soon: he did a lot of troubleshooting and copyng to narrow down the issue. Any suggestions are appreciated.

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                      Hi Nevan,


                      Try replacing you RAM, I had solved that issue by replacing the RAM. Also,I didn't get any error with memtest, But one of my RAM was faulty, due to which I got those errors.


                      Also you can check errors in copied file quickly by doing binary comparison in Command Prompt using fc command:


                      C:\>fc /b [originalfilepath] [copiedfilepath]




                      Gunpal Jain

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                        Thanks for your hints.

                        We've narrowed down the issue to a faulty RAM module. So it was the memory.