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    Our computers have been hacked




      This is our issue. We have several computers and they have been all acting very stange for a  while. All kinds of things you can imagine not only before loading of  the OS but specially after loading. We run Windows XP on all of them. We  know for sure that all systems are clean and no virus is running on  them since they all of them have been built from scratch which includes a  clean install (i.e. delete partition, recreate partition, format) and  so on. But right after that they start acting up by freezing up a few  seconds sometimes for a few minutes, other times files will go missing  on boot up causing us to resintall. We feel that the motherboards have  been tampered with and believe its likely the Northbridge or Southbridge  or the CPU which have been replaced with command and control chips. Can  anyone tell us how can we go about proving this claim so that we can go  to the Police ? The chipsets on the motherboard are intel chipsets hence the reason for posting here on the intel sites.


      Here is a link to an article that explains these  types of chips exist and from where they originate from...




      Thanks  in advance