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    Intel NM10 AHCI support under XP




      I have a netbook equipped with an Intel N455 CPU and NM10 Chipset.


      I would like to activate the BIOS AHCI function, but everytime I do it, the OS won't boot up giving me a BSoD.

      I have to disable AHCI in the BIOS and set the SATA controller in Legacy Mode in order for the OS to boot up correctly.


      Currently, I'm using Windows XP Pro SP3 32bit (with all updates included), and I would like to enable the AHCI function.

      The question is: How can I do that?


      I already tried to locate some AHCI drivers for NM10 Chipsets, but with no luck.


      Could someone point me in the right direction, please??


      Thank you all.

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          The BSOD is expected if you have installed the OS on a different mode than AHCI.


          If you want to use AHCI on your system you should enable it in the BIOS and install the OS since the scratch.


          Regarding with AHCI drivers for Windows* XP, these drivers are not available for NM10 therefore the best option in this case will be installing Windows* 7, these drivers are embedded with the installation DVD.




          Dago MC.