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    How can I backup my BIOS/CMOS settings/contents? (Series 3 motherboard)


      Hello, all.

      I've scoured Intel's sites as well as the whole English-speaking web, but I can find no useful information at all on how I can save a backup copy of the current BIOS settings and/or CMOS contents for my Intel Series 3 desktop board! There are scores of such tools for non-Intel desktop boards (though several are badly infected with malware), but apparently nothing at all from Intel for this purpose.

      So I'm now asking the Intel Desktop Board community: How on earth can I save all my BIOS/CMOS settings/contents to a backup file (say to a floppy disk) on an Intel DQ35MP (Series 3) desktop board?

      I've tried and confirmed that you cannot use Intel's BIOS update tools (e.g., iflash) to do that with this model; there are no documented switches to save the current BIOS and CMOS contents.  Note also that this board does not support F7 BIOS operations.

      Why I need this: I'm trying to troubleshoot a BSOD crash on my Intel DQ35MP (Series 3) motherboard which produces STOP codes that no one has apparently ever reported before (no search engine finds a hit for the most significant three codes).  It also has nothing to do with any recent OS changes or the like, since it occurs even with rock-solid Windows XP Pro/SP3 bootable CDs made on this machine months or years ago (and even with no hard drives connected at all).  Therefore, at this stage in my troubleshooting, methodically changing various BIOS settings is necessary or even re-flashing the BIOS (I already have the latest version), but I MUST not lose anything in the process, so a backup file and a way to restore it is mandatory.

      Additional Info: OS = 32-bit Windows XP Pro/SP3 - but non-XP (Ubuntu, MicroScope, UBCD, linux, etc) bootable CDs and floppies boot fine.

      CD/DVD drives: IDE/PATA DVD/CD drive (SATA DVD/CD drive avaiable and optionally connected)

      Floppy: USB 1.4 Mb external

      CPU: Intel E8400 3.0 GHz Dual Core

      RAM: 4 Gb (3.2 Gb available to OS)

      Hardware diagnostics for mobo and RAM and CPU etc successfully run for many passes.

      Since BSOD occurs even with no hard drives connected, hard drive diags were skipped.

      It is vital that I get XP Pro/SP3 working again on the DQ35MP as quickly as possible!   Thanks in advance for helping me save my BIOS/CMOS.

      ETA: This system is home-made, and I purchased all the Intel hardware components retail.  All drives are connected via on-board connectors.  Video setup in BIOS is NVIDIA PCIe x16.

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          Even if it was possible (and it's not by following the procedure you want), I wouldn't trust such a process to be 100% reliable.


          A process that is however is the paper and pen method (or even digitally photographing the screens)! Go through every screen on your BIOS settings and meticulously note down/photograph each setting. It won't take that long and you can be sure that if you upgrade the BIOS, absolutely no corruption or problem from the old settings will be imported when you attempt to reconfigure it again.


          As far as fixing BSOD's try loading and saving default values and take it from there but if the problem wasn't always evident and it wasn't a change to the BIOS settings that brought it on, a change to the settings now is unlikely to get rid of the problem! If it was a BIOS settings change that brought on the issue then change it back again. You need to be thinging about what changes you did make immediately prior to the problem first cropping up.