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    DX58SO dying?


      About 2 years ago I built a sytem with a DX58SO. It has been a great motherbaord until the past few months. I've had constant headaches with it and today I think it finally kicked the bucket.


      Basically, the video card would "initialize" and come on, and then I would see a solid white cursor on the screen. It stayed there and the computer never POSTed.


      I removed a stick of RAM and tried again. The video card never "initialized" and the computer sat there doing absolutely nothing. I put the RAM back in with no luck. I did a minimal boot; no fix. Attempts to re-flash the BIOS were futile.



      I think this is a BIOS issue (maybe it's corrupt?) but it may also be the processor (i7-920, D0, but it absolutely sucked at OCing). I've been using the 5020 BIOS.


      Question is, do I have to replace the motherboard? The cpu? Or can I fix it another way?