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    is there a search tool to find m/b with specific set of features?


      I am looking for a m/b with a particular feature-set. Is there an online product-selection search tool available that would help me find the right Intel product? Here are the search criteria:


      1. microATX or mini ITX form factor

      2.  "thermal" compatibility for i5 and i7  (65W / 95W)

      3. VT-x, VT-d hardware virtualization support

      4. onboard graphics accelerator (discrete GPU not required)

      5. HDMI

      6. USB 3.0 (preferable with front-panel USB 3.0 header too)

      7. WiFi onboard



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          tr88 -


          The Intel site doesn't do a great job of making this easy to find.


          Try this link to narrow things down by various criteria:



          Here is a link to a PDF of a comparison matrix of Intel's desktop boards (I found this the most useful to narrow my search)



          I also found Newegg quite helpful as well . . . I could narrow by Brand, Socket, Chipset, & Form Factor


          I hope this helps.  Good Luck . . .




          USB 3.0 was something I was very interested in when I began my search for a new board.  I can tell you from experience, don't believe the marketing hype.  It's still a very immature technology.  I've tested out 3 different external drives from 3 different manufacturers (Seagate, Western Digital, and Toshiba -- all USB powered 5400rpm drives).  None achieved anywhere near the upper speed claimed by marketing.  I've also found that the read and write speeds vary wildly from manufacturer to manufacturer.  For example the Toshiba Canvio 500GB write speeds are right around USB 2.0 speeds.  In comparison, the Western Digital My Passport Essential write speeds are about 2x the Toshiba speeds.  Read speeds for both were comparable to each other.


          I only point this out because I wouldn't let that USB 3.0 influence my choice of board -- for example, if you really like board and it's got great reviews but no internal USB 3.0 header, don't let that be a factor.  You can always add a USB 3.0 card in later when the technology is more mature and robust.

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            Thanks for the very helpful anwer, SDouglas. 


            With respect to USB 3.0, I had in mind to use it for an SDHC card-reader to transfer 90-minute HD videos from my camera to the PC.  Over USB 2.0 it's taking too long.  The marketing hype says 3.0 is 10x faster, but I'd be happy if it were only 3x faster. However, what I don't want, by any means, is system instability. I'd rather have a slow PC than a flaky PC any day.