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    Intel Centrino Advanced-N 6230 connection problem


      I've got the 6230 and a Billion 7800n, windows 7 64bit, latest drivers and firmware etc. I've got 3 other laptops connecting with wireless n fine.


      The card says it connects but there's no internet connection. I can see that it's got the gateway address but pinging it does not work (works for other laptops). The router system log is full of "DHCP SERVER: DHCP request from laptop" and the router's reply "DHCP SERVER: DHCP ack to laptop". Other laptops do this once where as my new laptop just keeps on going.


      Now I know that there's been a lot of problems with this card and Intel haven't addressed it yet. The solutions that work for me are either disabling wirless n on the card which is unacceptable because I lose speed which was the point of buying this card. The other solution is to reinstall the driver which allows the card to work perfectly. I can restart my laptop and it will run fine again. It's the 3rd boot that what ever magic the reinstall did, fails. This happens 100% consistently. So does this mean that it's a driver/software problem?


      I really don't want to have to keep doing this alternative solutions because it should work. If Intel advertised the card as one i'd have to re-enable on startup I would not have bought it...


      Anyway enough ranting. Can I get a confirmation from an Intel support person that this is a problem and they are working on a solution?