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    DH67GD vs. Raid


      Am trying to figure out how to enable RAID on this board and make it work at the same time. I've already swapped the board just to make sure it wasn't a single bad one, and have come to realize that I'm just missing something ...?


      DH67GD mobo (2nd one, same issue)

      i5 2500k chip  (swapped it out with an i3 during tests)

      16gig ram 2x8 /1333 (swapped and swapped again)


      IIts a little frustrating. As soon as RAID is activated in the bios, the system will freeze at the post raid-manager, every boot. If I change it back to AHCI, it'll work just fine. While troubleshooting the first board I performed the bios updates (no change). Given that during the testing I basically built a new computer (2nd board and other parts) I'm not sure what's up, and so far the internets has not provided an answer


      Has this been run into yet?

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          Firstly, please be aware that changing the motherboard configuration from AHCI to RAID will require an OS reinstallation. In other words, if your operating system has already been installed in AHCI, you will need to format the disk and reloaded after you change the BIOS to RAID mode.


          If your system is freezing on the Ctrl+I prompt screen, then my first troubleshooting recommendation would be to test booting the system with only one hard drive installed. If that works, connect a second one and so on, until you find the device that triggers the issue.

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            Tried. Started out with 2x 500g WD Black, took it down to 1, a couple Blue, some SSD/600's then none. The frustrating component here is that I have a 2nd board (replacement), built in a system with different components, and it's doing the same thing.


            edit: board is on the current bios ver.