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    Intel 5350 card PCI\VEN_8086&DEV_423A&SUBSYS_10018086 & Intel WiFi driver updates


      Dear Intel,


      Could you pls reply to this simple & straight question of mine - what the hell is going on with support for 5350 card?


      The new release of driver v14.2.0.10 was kindly made public recently but it contains only the same ancient NETwLv64.sys v13.4.0.139  Vista driver for my Intel 5350 card!!!


      This old driver is nether designed for use with Win7 x64 nor supports MS Virtual WiFi Miniport, and so on.... but all of these good features are supported by the NETwNs64.sys driver, which isn't applicable to 5350 because of some strange Intel decision...



      I'm sure that a lot of owners of 5350 cards are same unhappy with Intel support provided to this good wireless card!!!



      I look forward to hearing from you asap.



      Thank you.






      P.S. well... so three weeks passed without any sign of interest from Intel staffers... very nice support