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    DH67CL switching off Hard Disk after sometime


      I have a PC configured with the Dh67CL motherboard, fitted with an Intel Core i7 (2600) processor and 4 GB of Kingston memory. Up to date, I use it with three hard disks.  A Samsung 250GB and two Hitachi 500Gb. After using it for a while, one of the Hitachi hard disk ejects itself or switches off. Windows 7 64-bit is installed on to that Hard disk. When Windows is loaded, the entire thing crashes. I also have Linux installed in the Samsung HDD. In Linux, the hard disk simply gets ejected. After the restart, the hard disk doesn't even show up in the BIOS. I need to keep the computer off for sometime to get the Hard Disk back working.


      Doing a background research tells me that the problem is coming from the advance power management features available in the BIOS. Some option is switching off the power due to a limit being violated.


      I also have a feeling that the heat is causing the problem. Another hunch I have is that the nVidia Graphics card that I have attached is pulling  too much power or is putting out too much of heat causing the problem.



      Please help me out by telling me what you think is causing the problem!




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          Several could be the reasons why your system is randomly exhibiting the hard drive ejecting and switching off.  To begin diagnosis, and consequent troubleshooting, I'd recommend the following:


          1. Ensure the hard drive cables are firmly attached to the corresponding SATA ports.


          2. Restart the system into BIOS by pressing <F2> during the boot process.  Once in the BIOS setup utility, press <F9> to restore BIOS default settings.  Reset any customized BIOS settings. Clear all DMI event logs by setting the option to "Enable", which is located in the Advanced/Event Log Configuration section of the BIOS Setup utility.  Press <F10> to save the new settings and reboot the system.


          2. If the problem continues, please, do the tests out of the case, on a non-conductive surface.

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            Thanks for the prompt reply. I have resetted the BIOS so many times. In fact, I don't like changing much things, but so far, the most prominent change I made was enabling UEFI and changing the boot order. The rest remain unchanged. I think to an extent the heat plays a role, but going through the BIOS, there are hundreds of options that I don't really know how to use. I just would like to know from experts like you, about the variety of controls in terms of power management and whether anyone of the options can be causing the problem.


            I may sound very confusing so just for an example, I am looking for an option like "Turn off hard disk after it passes 59 C". I hope it makes sense.



            I also noted that if I leave the computer on without accessing the hard disk at all, it remains without getting ejected.


            So, its     work load + minimum uptime >50min = Hard disk gets ejected.





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              If even testing out of the case does not help, just to be sure, I'd recommend the following:


              Note: The following suggestions assume you are referring to the black SATA ports.


              1. Just to be sure, see to it that your Intel(R)  Desktop Board DH67CL is not among the models with the chipset circuit  design issue.  For more on this, please, refer to the following URL:




              2. If not, then, please, test with the most current 0131 BIOS, which is found here.  The step-by-step update instructions are found here:




              3. Otherwise, check with your hard drive manufacturer for available firmware update(s).


              Note: The Power Management options are under the Power Menu in the BIOS (click here for the BIOS Glossary for details on what option does); however, "switching off hard disk after sometime" should not stricty be related to any of these BIOS options.