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        I have the same problem. I tried to update BIOS in Windows last night. It completed, and after reboot, nothing on the screen. I saw the instructions for BIOS recovery, and our board supports recovery from CD-ROM only and not USB Flash drive according to (http://www.intel.com/support/motherboards/desktop/sb/CS-022312.htm). Since I didn't have a SATA DVD drive, I went to Fry's and bought a Blu-ray drive just to try the recovery. I burned the download the previous version 0125 BIOS (most recent as of now) on a CD-R and tried the recovery. Nothing. Also tried USB flash drive last night. Nothing.

        Called tech support, looks like the board needs to be replaced.

        While on the pohne, he asked me to try removing one stick of ram, both stick, removing USB devices all sorts of combinations. No dice.


        About the exchange policy, they said there's two options.


        Option 1. Pay the shipping fee and send it in to intel. They will verify it's not working, then send back a repaird board back. Takes at least 5 business days.

        Option 2. Pay $25 plus the retail cost of the board. Intel will send a working board, and once I have it, send my dead board using the included prepaid shipping label. Once they receive the dead board and verify it's dead, they will refund the cost of the board.


        Either way I have to pay for shipping it to them. Are you guys okay with that?

        I asked for his supervisor to call me back about waiving the shipping fee.

        What are you guys going to do?



        Okay, finished talking with the supervisor now. She first offered me the Option 1, with free prepaid shipping label. Then I asked her for the second option, she said okay, she will waive the $25 just this one time. I still have to talk to few more people on the phone to put a charge on my card for the motherboard, but I'm getting a replacement tomorrow or maybe on Saturday. It sucks that I had to talk with one agent first on the phone for almost an hour. Another thing dissapointed about intel is that after they removed the BIOS from downloads, they didn't put up any messages or anything about customers who already downloaded the BIOS and bricked their motherboard.



        If you don't want to pay for shipping, I suggest you all call tech support and go straight to the supervisor as the tech support rep can't waive the shipping.



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          Add me to the list.  Used win update method from 0125 to 0131, windows shut down, rebooted, flashed BIOS, and got the successful message.  A few seconds later it attemped what appeared to be a reboot, the display went completely black and into power save mode.  Nothin since.  Doesn't even attempt POST.

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            I bought my board from big retailer. It has his own service center. Gave them my board for testing and after 1 hour they decided to provide me a new one. Just have updated BIOS from v.078 to v.125 smoothly by Windows based utility. V.0131 is obviously dangerous and all nuances have to be sorted out by Intel soon. Customers can't revive BIOS and service centers also can't do it at the moment.

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              Well, I'm almost 100% sure I can ship it back to them for less than $25, so the cheaper route would be to send it to them.  I'm sure we'll hear soon whether Intel has been able to reproduce this in their lab and once they realize they screwed up big time, perhaps they'll cut some slack on the shipping requirements.


              The folks like us that buy Intel's boards and chips for building our own systems are probably Intel's biggest fans.  I know the number of people I have advised to buy Intel over AMD is at least 20+ whether they are building their own or buying pre-built.  I have 7 systems in my home... all Intel.  You'd think they would take care of their customers a little better, especially when clearly they fell down in their duty to do proper testing before putting out a BIOS upgrade.



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                I don't mind covering my own shipping, but yeah, Intel has in the past and in this case should also step up and take accountability for a flawed BIOS release and expedite matters here.  I doubt this problem is even on the order of 100s of customers. 


                For that matter, I ordered a DH67GD to take the place of this mobo in my mini server in the interim, which will arrive Friday... so give us a little love back


                Heck, I hadn't even updated my BIOS since July (because it wouldn't boot Windows Server 2008 R2 for install) and hadn't checked the site for an update until last night... wish I had just waited one more day and avoided this mess

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                  I have two systems using DH67GD, one with bios 128... the other with bios 131 !

                  One month ago, I updated their bios from 125 to 128, using F7 function key, and they were running fine,

                  One week after bios 128 was removed from Intel site.

                  Few days ago, I updated one of the two DH67GD from 128 to 131, also using F7 function key, and it's OK.

                  Today, bios 131 is also removed...

                  Starting from january I had one DH67GD updated from 076 to 122 rev. by rev. using F7,

                  then it was replaced by a B3 flashing directly from 076 to 122, and a new one from 076 to 125.


                  In the past, with DG45iD I bricked one after an "express flash" from Windows, and recovered it with CD recovery.

                  Obviously F7 is more reliable than flashing from Windows, even if not completely safe.


                  Next month, I think I should wait at least two weeks after the new bios 13X availability, and flash again only after checking here...

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                    This problem occurs only on DH67CF or are adversely affected for other models also ?

                    I did BIOS update to 0131 version on DH67GD and works without any apparent problem.

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                      Personally, two updates to DH67BL (one is my main HTPC, another is my WHS 2011 server) went fine.

                      Also, I updated one DH67GD (my main software dev machine) and it went fine.

                      Those three systems are running great with 0131.


                      Both DH67CF updates failed in exactly the same way.


                      So far, the issue appears to be specific to the DH67CF.  But since Intel has pulled the 0131 update from the website, I would hold off even if you already had downloaded it.

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                        I called back prepared to run some final tests and the tech was immediately prepared to set up the RMA process.  I will pay shipping myself (not a big deal to me) but the process was fast, which is more important.  I'm not happy a buggy BIOS release got out into the wild (I'm sure someone at Intel isn't either), but I am happy about the quick handling of my issue this morning.

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                          today I had a call with intel support and the guy told me that it would be the better (faster) way to send the board back to my dealer and to get an other from him.

                          Intel would take at least one week for sending it back.

                          So I have got a ticket from my dealer and I can send it back without any costs.



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                            I received my replacement motherboard from intel yesterday. I spent about 5 hours (really!) putting back my desktop. It takes so long because I have to stuff everything in my Lian Li Q11 case. My CPU temperature shows 0C. Is this a bad board? I noticed that the board was a refurbished with lots of sticky stuff on the back side of the board, and I could see some re-soldering done on it. Man I'll be so ****** if I have to take it apart again because it's a bad replacement board. I only used my original new board for less than a week, and the defective BIOS bricked my board. Now I have what looks like a used repaired refurbished junk board.


                            Is there any other reason why the CPU might show 0C?


                            Here's my stuffed desktop. The white thing is Swiffer dust pad in front of a fan. Does a great job at filtering air.

                            DSC00665 (Small).JPG

                            The CPU temperature reads 0C in the BIOS and also when using intel Desktop Utilities in Windows

                            DSC00666 (Small).JPG


                            I tried BIOS version 0125 and 0112, I did reset to default to values just in case. Still not working.


                            If it's only the CPU temperature reading that is not working, I would not really worry too much. Well, it does actually matter because I can't use the CPU fan control tied to the temperature. But who knows what else could be wrong with this board. Very disappointed at intel's replacement board.


                            Please, somebody tell me I'm doing something wrong. Wong setting or something. Taking this apart will take me another hour.


                            It is an amazing setup though. This desktop only uses 20W at idle using intel graphics, and 42W with GTX460! Awesome computer case too.

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                              Temperature sensors present on CPU, which is unlikely to break(Of course, it may break, for example, by ESD from your body when uninstall/install, but this case is nearly impossible IMHO). And from your description, it is highly doubt that something on the replacement board goes wrong.


                              I don't know how Intel's software internally works, but for 3rd party softwares, such temperatures are offen got through a logical way - by reading MSRs IA32_THERM_STATUS_MSR and/or IA32_PACKAGE_THERM_STATUS. Logical means, in this way, the work is done like you let CPU doing 1+1 etc. So getting temperatures in this way and check if your CPU is good.


                              And what may be wrong on motherboard side is the so-called PECI. It is something real connecting CPU and IO chip, PCH(IIRC). The fan speed control that you've concerned, is implemented by this way thus can available even your OS freezed. So the worst thing is, if you can identify the problem is not on your CPU, you should make a second replacement.


                              For futhur infomations, read http://download.intel.com/design/intarch/PAPERS/322683.pdf


                              BTW I've sent my board to Intel for a RMA process today. And this post worries me a little, as the bad BIOS resulted mis-function of IO chip, so is there any chance that bad BIOS may burn our CPU already?




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                                Thanks for your reply! That was a really good read. I read somewhere that there is also a temperature sensor underneath the socket, but I was probably misinformed by the old days stuff.

                                I might try the CPU on my other motherboard if I find the motivation today. It takes an hour to disassemble the tiny box, and I'm probably not going to put it back until I receive an exchange motherboard, so I'm really frustrated by that.


                                Another thing worried me was with the replacement board, I set USB optimization in the BIOS. When I get into Windows, there a yelow ! mark on Renessas USB 3.0 saying device cannot start. It will only work if I disable USB optimization in BIOS. I don't know if it was the same with my original intel motherboard since I only used it for about a week. Is this the same with everyone elses board? So there's no way to enable USB optimization in BIOS and have USB 3.0 functionality?




                                I just used Handbrake for couple minutes, it triggered the desktop utility with 100% fan speed and noise. Trigger message was VR Temperature exceeing max at 128C, and also Memory Temperature at 127C. I touched the heatsink, it was warm like 70C which is normal for 100% CPU use, but not 128C hot. The heatsink on the memory was cool to the touch. I have a very good air flow all over the motherboard, and see no reason the voltage regulator temp would spike that much. So I'm definitely sure I got a junk motherboard. After a reboot, the fan speed went back to very quiet. I really hate it that I have to be dealing with these things. Imagining calling intel support tomorrow is a headache!

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                                  I didn't bother fighting for them to pick up the shipping.  I have my own UPS account and it was only a bit more than $10 to send both of my failed boards (put them in one box).  We'll see what happens when they send the replacements.


                                  Perhaps Intel will have the replacement BIOS posted by then...


                                  Note to Intel BIOS devs: Please do a peer code-review this time before sending it out.

                                  Note to Intel BIOS test: Please test on every motherboard model it applies to.  Duh.

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                                    I don't really mind spending $10 or so, but not being my fault at all, $25 is kind of a lot to pay out of my pocket to get next day shipping advanced exchange. Yesterday the second time I called them for a replacement of replacement, it only(!) took 40 minutes on the phone to set up another next day advanced exchange, no shipping charge on me.


                                    I'm really upset about getting a junk replacement, but I also understand how hard it must be to test these one by one. My first replacement board boots up fine so they probably finished testing it any further. Anyways, I got my replacement board for the replacement board today, it's a refurbished board, and it didn't have any re-soldering marks, but it did have some sticky stuff which looks like it's been sprayed all over the back.


                                    Before putting everything back together, I tried my i3-2120 cpu on another desktop just to make sure it has no problems with cpu temperature sensor. No problems there. I put everything back together in my Lian Li Q11, this time it took about 3 hours. Yeah, I'm getting better at this as my wires are wearing out from bending it back and forth. I think everything is working fine now, at least I know for sure the cpu sensor and fan control are working.


                                    Now because of system changes, I have to redo all the Windows activations, Office 2010 activation, Visio 2010 activation over the phone because I already did too many online activations. What a pain and waste of time. Good luck to you all who ordered a replacement board. I wish I had bought this from a retail store, then I would have just got a brand new replacement.