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    Intel HD Graphics using less than the minimum amount of memory


      Okay, so I've scoured the internet looking for an answer to my question but all I could find were answers to whether or not one could increase the maximum amout of memory used. My problem is that my graphics card is using less than the minimum memory. I'm running an Acer Aspire, and all my specs are included in the picture:

      my issue.png

      I clearly have a maximum graphics memory of 1.7 GB, and the minimum is 128 MB, but at any given time my Graphics Memory in Use is at 38 MB. The highest I've ever seen it was about 67 MB, but I was attempting to play the Amnesia: The Dark Descent demo. It runs just fine when I'm not playing games, but trying to play a game is just frustrating. Even Minecraft is really choppy and laggy, and it gets awful if I turn the in-game video settings above the least consuming settings. So I'm wondering if there's a way I can increase my Graphics Memory in Use, or if I just need to deal with it.

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          What CPU exactly do you have? Especially for Minecraft it could help to install the newest driver. VRAM has nothing to do with your performance observation. It looks fine in your control panel. 128 MB is the shared memory size for the iGPU, it doesn't necessarily mean that your iGPU has to use it all the time. In most cases your iGPU just doesn't need 128 MB, at least not in a typical office environment. In a game it might need more VRAM. It's more the oppositte you should increase the shared RAM size in Bios. With Intels Dynamic Video Memory Technology (DVMT) enabled it doesn't matter at all though.