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    What video card configurations work on DH67GD?


      Hey all,


      Just put together a pair of systems based on the DH67GD motherboard, but having some issues with getting multiple video cards going on it. Does anyone know what combinations are valid? The idea is to run six screens at a time on each system. Two from a cheap PCIe x16 card and four more from a PCI Matrox Quad card(a G450 X4 MMS to be specific).The board seems to support:

      1. The onboard video with a PCIe x16 card, but no PCI.
      2. A PCIe x16 card with some PCI cards(not the Matrox though), but only if the onboard is disabled.


      Is there anything special that has do be done to get PCI video cards to run alongside the PCIe x16 card? From inside the BIOS, the motherboard does report that the PCI slot has a card in it, but Windows does not see it. If they won't work, will the motherboard support a PCIe x16 along with a PCIe x1 card?