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    intel hda driver doesn't support second hdmi screen until I reload the driver


      I would like to have a dual screen setup, but I failed getting it up and running in a stable way so far.


      I have some trouble getting my second screne to work on my Intel HD graphics card. I have a dell vostro 260 system, which has only the onboard graphics card.


      If I use the microsoft driver, I can get a cloned output of 800x600.


      If I install the intell driver, It works fine, UNTIL I reboot. Then the screen on hdmi-port clones the output of the other screen until windows logs in. At that moment it goes to standby.


      When I reload the driver (i.e. computer management -> devices -> my graphics card -> disable -> enable) everything works fine.


      I also tried downgrading the driver to 2302 (I now have 2509), which didn't help.


      Any suggestions on how to make it work without the reloading?


      I am running windows 7 x64.


      Thank you for reading this!