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    Multiple Graphics Cards - 4 monitor set up


      Good afternoon,


      I'm working from a fairly recent computer, with Intel® Processor Graphics 2000, and an AMD ATi Radeon 2400 Pro.  When I boot up, everything is fine.  The cards are playing nicely with one another.  After it has a chance for the monitor to go to sleep, then they do not wake up properly.  To make it work correctly, I have to unplug the DVI cable plugged into that monitor (It's on the DVI port from the built-in graphics, the Intel one) and then reconnect it.  After the graphics subsystem restarts and all monitors flash, I get this nice little bubble that says that the Intel Graphics driver has stopped working but has recovered.  This happens multiple times a day and I'm about to wire up a switch to a mangled DVI cable in an attempt to make this easier than crawling under my desk or trying to get to the back of the monitor.


      Anyone have any ideas on this?  It does this with multiple second graphics cards, so I'm fairly certain it's not the other card.