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    HDMI Port doesn't show up in Intel/IDT Driver control panel using latest graphics driver


      I have an Intel DG45ID Retail motherboard and with the latest graphics drivers for the G45 Graphics ( under my Win 7 SP1 x86 Home Premium PC, the bottom graphic on the IDT Control Panel GUI is incorrectly displayed as an S/PDIF port rather than the HDMI port that it is.


      A previous Intel Graphics driver did fix this problem (although I can't remember the version) so I was assuming it wouldn't be broken again with newer video drivers. I've attached a screen shot to make things clearer. As this is to do with the Graphics driver (even though the port is shown on the Audio Control Panel) I've posted in the Graphics forum rather than the motherboard forum in the hope that some graphics driver developers may be looking in (or someone from Intel who is, could forward this issue to them for rectification). Has anyone found a workaround to this issue (or can remeber the driver version which didn't have the problem - I don't want to have to trial many possibilities).HDMI port.jpg