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    Wired Networking Update Causing Internet Failure


      So, in order to install a new game I bought, I needed to update the wired networking driver on my home computer. I have an Intel Desktop Board D410PT and after installing the updated driver, the internet disconnects and I am unable to re-connect it, so I had to do a system restore. I tried looking in "Managing networking connections" and found that the Local Area Connection 2 was disabled. I tried right-clicking on it and pressed enable but it would not enable. I think this is the problem.


      Is there any help and known problems with the latest update for the Wired Networking driver?

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          We have not come across any problems with the LAN drivers on the Intel(R) Desktop Board D410PT.  Have you tried reloading the older driver? Do you seen the Network Controller on the Device Manager?

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            Yes, I had to reload the older driver by doing a system restore to a point before I installed the new one. And the old driver works perfectly.


            However, when I downloaded and started installing the new driver an error appears saying "FindFile Failed" and does not install correctly. Then upon exiting the installer the little Window comes up saying it may not have installed correctly, so I pressed Install using the recommended settings and it seemed to install without fault. The problem may be with the installer.