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    Intel Core i3 CPU whine


      I just build a computer with a I3 2130 cpu with the integrated HD2000 gpu..


      I build the whole omputer, no strange sounds at all, untill I install the later graphics drivers from intel.

      Now what happens is that as soon as I'm in windows I hear this high pitch whine coming from the cpu..




      here is a video.. the sound is a little low, but just turn up the volume and you can hear it..

      The sound does go away with a few options...


      1. stress the cpu, while it is working there is no sound..

      2. uninstalling the gpu drivers(also there is no sound while booting or while being in the bios)


      I have checked all the fans, no effect.. it is not the PSU..


      Very strange problem.. no instability, fast and smooth, but this sound is killing me!!! This is a work computer as well so it needs to be fixed..


      Anyone have any good ideas?

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          If you have a third party motherboard (non-intel motherboard) I would suggest installing the office graphics drivers provided by the motherboard manufacturer, to see if that helps fixing your issue.

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            I have done this. I've tried the drivers from Microsoft, Intel and Gigabyte CD and website.. all the same drivers..

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              In this case, if you have purchased this processor less than 30 days ago, I would suggest contacting the place of purchase for any warranty option.

              If you have purchase it over 30 days ago, you might want to contact the Intel local customer support center for warranty options, you can find the contact information for our local customer support center at:



              By the way, I would suggest testing the processor on another motherboard to see if the issue follows the processor, since the issue that you are reporting is happening only with a particular driver.

              Also you can try installing the previous graphics driver, that might solve the issue.

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                Please let us know if you are still having the same issue when installing the Intel graphics driver? so we can further assist you.

                If you are still having the same issue, please let us know if you tried the previous graphics driver? or if you did test the processor on another motherboard?

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                  It was not the driver. It was the CPU it self..


                  I turned off all the C states in BIOS and the whine went away.

                  Dont really know why, but it was a tip I got from someone at the Anandtech forum.


                  Now it works 100% perfect!