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    DX580G - Can't enter BIOS with F2


      I entered BIOS with F2 to change settings for a faster boot time and stupidly changed the setting to turn off USB ports until the system boots up.  Well, the disables the USB keyboard during Boot so F2 no longer works.


      Is there a way to change BIOS settings while in Windows - or does Intel offer such a utility to automatically force entry to BIOS on the next boot?

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          Do the maintenance mode by removing or moving the cmos jumper. Follow the procedure given in your mb guide.

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            Hi, there is an easier way to enter BIOS if F2 doesn't work anymore.

            If the option » USB Optimization « has been changed from Disabled to Enabled, F2 will no longer work during POST.


            BIOS ► System Setup ► Boot ► Fast Boot ►



            • General Optimization
            • USB Optimization ◄──
            • Video Optimization
            » If enabled, USB devices (keyboard and drives) will not be  available until after OS boot, but BIOS will boot faster. If disabled,  USB devices will be available before OS boot, but BIOS will boot slower.  This question does not affect USB capabilities after OS boot. In  order to disable Fast Boot without entering BIOS Setup: Power down the  system, then hold down the power button until the system beeps. «


            It worked for me.