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    Intel DH67CF - CPU cooler backplate problem


      Hi, does anyone know how to contact the department of BIOS writer, where I  could suggest to implement the undervolting feature for future update?  I'm aware that Intel apparently does not like users to tinker with  certain settings, but as a user I do not like to be patronized. I want  to decide on my own whether to accept the risk or not. Many other poeple  made positive experiences with undervolting.


      ► I wonder why this mainboard still uses 3-phase VRMs and liquid  electrolytic over solid capacitors, although it uses capacitors with  polymeric electrolyte for critical knots such as processor voltage  regulator circuitry.

      ► I wonder why it uses an AMI BIOS with standard text interface instead of a modern UEFI BIOS.



      ► Is this motherboard only supposed to work together with a push-pin CPU cooler like the default one?

      I ask because there seems to be a problem when using a CPU cooler with backplate.


      Here is a picture of DH67CF's rear where this chip (circle) gets in the way:




      This is a picture of a typical backplate:





      That chip could prevent the DH67CF to be used with a backplate as can be seen here (different mainboard):





      My questions is whether anyone can confirm that this kind of problem is still existing?


      Thank you very much in advance