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    PROSet Wireless software unattended install




      I am having a lot of trouble working out how to install the Intel PROSet Wireless software silently with some extra options enabled. The software im using is this http://downloadcenter.intel.com/Detail_Desc.aspx?DwnldID=17159 the "Intel® PROSet/Wireless WiFi Connection Utility for Windows XP and Windows Vista" version 11/24/2008.


      That download contains an MSI, i want to do a silient install of that MSI including the "Admin Tool", "Single Sign On", and "Pre-Logon Connect". However i cant find any up to date documentation on how do enable those features during a silent install.


      There is some information like this http://download.intel.com/support/wireless/wlan/sb/admininstallguide_042905.pdf that has information on custom silent installations. But it is from 2005 and appears not to work with the newer version of the PROSet software.


      I would like to pass some params to msiexec at installation and have it inable those features, or some information on how to make an MST for the PROSet MSI to enable those features. If anyone has any documentation or a tutorial on how to do this please let me know.


      Thank You!

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          I`m having the same problem. Is there any solution??


          Thanks in advance

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            I finally found how to make it.


            You must extract the MSI and launch it silentlly executing:


            ADDLOCAL=WIFI_SSO,WIFI_PLC,WIFI_Admin_Toolkit /quiet /passive /norestart


            Hope this can help you.

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              Nice work, i dont need to use this personally now (changed what i was going to do). But this vey helpful to know, and im sure will save someone else the hassle of working out how to do it. Am i right that there was no documentation? did you have a look in the MSI to see which params it would take?


              Thanks for taking the time to answer!

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                There was a lot of information about previous version of PROSET but there was NO documentation of this version.


                I finally opened the MSI and saw the flags which could be modified...after a lot of tries I found the

                correct key .

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                  I found this post very helpful for v12.2.0.11.  However, I am new to reviewing MSI packages in an MSI editor and cannot discern which command-line parameters to pass.  Here's my endeavor ...


                  I have created a Test.p10 file (password protected, preconfigured profile pulling the current user's Windows credentials to authenticate against our wireless network) to use with PROSet's AutoImport feature (place Test.p10 into C:\Program Files\Intel\WiFi\AutoImport - XP Pro SP2 - Tablet PC Edition 2005).  When I do this (via VBS script), the profile is imported into PROSet, but prompts the user for his / her credentials.  If I logoff / reboot, the connection works as designed ... only for the user who was logged on when the VBS script ran.  If another user subsequently logs onto the computer, they will not get any wireless connectivity, nor will they have my Test profile in their PROSet Wireless Profiles list.  I would have to incorporate some type of local logon script to copy a known-good local copy of my Test.p10 file into the C:\Program Files\Intel\WiFi\AutoImport directory ... which I am not keen on doing.


                  I would like to pass a parameter to the MSI that will import my Test.p10 file during the installation and make it available to all users.  I have not been able to find any documentation that lists all available command-line parameters.  If you have a link you'd like to share, please do.


                  Here is the command I am using (I am using /qb+ only during the testing phase ... I will change to /qn for production):

                  msiexec /i "C:\Intel PROSet Wireless.msi" /l*v "C:\PROSetInstall.log" /qb+


                  For administrators, I am using the following command (which should install everything, right?):

                  msiexec /i "C:\Intel PROSet Wireless.msi" ADDLOCAL=WIFI_SSO,WIFI_PLC,WIFI_Admin_Toolkit /l*v "C:\PROSetInstall.log" /qb+


                  Ideally, I would just like to have the v12.2.0.11 driver be stable under the native Windows Wireless Networking utility, but have found it too unreliable (5 - 10 minute network drops every 15 - 30 minutes) without having the Intel PROSet / Wireless WiFi Connection Utility installed on each computer.

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                    I know this post is a little old, but if you are still looking for the complete options, look at my post here: