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    Fastest intel single core processor for mathematical data crunching


      I am currently using a program that does not utilize the multicore capabilities of the available intel processors and appears to only use one core.  I use this program very commonly and for very heavy data crunching from the database for my website http://www.GoldisJewelry.com .  The data is basically multiple data points that i crunch and do simple mathematical operations on however because of the sheer number of data points this process usually takes 80 hours to complete on a dedicated Xenon server running windows.  What i have recently noticed is that the program runs only on one core and would take a significant amount of effort to recode to be able to run on multiple cores so i am wondring what processor would you believe would be the fastest for this operation.  i imagine that i really need to just find the processor with the highest MHZ speed possibly a dual core and leave one core to run windows and the other to run the program although it is near impossible for me to tell any single core to take care of windows i can always assign cores to programs i am running that are not windows.


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          Windows is the operating system and will use all the cores available to process the date (even in idle Windows process multiple data at the time) and we can’t assign a single core for this task (OS) Now the program you are running use a single core you may need a processor with a faster clock speed to processor the data faster. Try to check with the software manufacturer if there is some why to use multiple cores on the application.