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      I have a dedicated media center running win7 32bit with a intel H55 based mobo (i3 530 cpu).

      I just got the driver update via windows update.When it finished installing my screen just turned blank.(panasonic TV via HDMI)

      So i hoocked up another screen to the vga port.

      The tv is detected just fine by the driver but no matter what resolution or hz settings i chose i just get blank screen.


      I rolled back to the older 2302 driver and everything works perfectly again (1920x1080@60hz). But somehing is really really wrong with the 2509 driver on win update.


      please note that i was never able to get a signal to the tv during post or boot even witht the older driver (supposedly some hdmi handshake problem that can't be fixed). But i allways got a signal as soon as windows is done loading untill i pgraded to 2509.

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          We do appreciate your issue report, gensplejs. I will go ahead and forward this information to the research department.

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            I am seeing similar issues. In a similar situation.  I have a HTPC with h55 chipset and i3-530 processor.  When I loaded the latest driver via windows update I experienced several problems.  The playback of Live TV in Media Center got very stuttery.  Also the TV I connected to via HDMI works best at 1080p/60

            but even if I set it up to 1080p/60 via the intel graphics properties controls,  after every reboot it would drop back to 29hz.  Also, Media Center would not work properly.  It always wanted to go to 50Hz operation.  Even if I went in and forced it to 1080p/60 in Media Center it wouldn't stick and would revert to 50hz in media center and 29hz in the Driver configuration.  I finally rolled back to the previous driver and everything was fine again with smooth Live TV and my settings remaining where I had set them.  It also would briefly during boot and Media Center start up go to a black screen that would cause my TV to put up a Not Supported message on the screen.  This driver release seems very broken in several ways.

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              I can of course provide attitional information about TV and MB models or remote access to the machine if nessecary.

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                What is the exact model of your motherboard? Could you run the Intel® System Identification Utility and provide us with the code?


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                  SIU REFERENCE NUMBER : 0070 2600


                  I have a Gigabyte H55M-S2H rev 1.0 motherboard and an Intel i3 530 CPU.

                  The TV it is connected to via HDMI is a Panasoni TH42PZ70.


                  As stated abov i get no signal on the TV when using the newest driver suggested by windows update ( but i have no major problems when reverting to the 2302 driver.


                  EDIT: I just tested with a driver i found on the intel website. And that seems to work too as soon as windows starts (post and boot still have no signal as with any other driver version). But as soon as i upgrade to 2509 it goes blank again...

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                    Very interesting, as this is the exact same motherboard/cpu combination I am seeing problems on as well.

                    Although I go thru problems during boot as described above, I do get display output (after passing thru some black screens that my TV says are out of range)  but I have the other problems I described above.

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                      I saw the same problem with my Sandy Bridge system.  DH67BL/Core i3-2100T.  It seems to be a problem with the driver as posted to Windows Update.  At first, I did as y'all did -- rolled back to the previous version and everything was fine.  Then, someone suggested I try to download the 2509 driver direct from Intel's website, and when I did that the update worked fine.  You might give that a try...


                      It seems something could be broken with the driver being pushed by Windows Update...

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                        Just thought I'd mention that the problem also showed up on another system with DH67CF/Pentium G620T.  Both systems (DH67BL and DH67CF) were connected 1080p HDMI to 1080p TV (59.9hz, eaach different brand/model of TVs).  A third system (DH67CF/Pentium G620T) did not exhibit problems -- it was connected to an older LCD running with a custom resolution (1366x768).


                        In all cases, I ended up rolling back, then installing 2509 from Intel website and things have been fine since.

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                          Confirmed... works fine on my system when installed directly with the intel installer from the intel website...


                          I rolled back again and installed the one from windows update and the same thing happend again. Nothing but blank screen no matter what res or hz i set it to. So there is something broken in the way it is deployed using windows update.

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                            Yes, If I load directly from Intel this driver works for me as well.  Thanks for the help.