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    Intel Graphics - Weird problem


      I have very strange issue with graphics. I don't even know how to describe it in brief manner...
      Well, I have system: Core i5 2400, MB Gigabyte z68AP-D3 and monitor Dell U2410 connected to MB through HDMI.
      I installed Windows 7 Professional. Resolution of my monitor was wrong and I couldn't set the right one as the option was unavailable, so I decided to install graphics driver from disk which came with my MB. I installed Intel Graphics Media Accelerator Driver v. But I still couldn't get the proper resolution options for my monitor - 1600x was all I could get.
      I decided to install driver for monitor, but I couldn't since button 'Properties' on Monitor tab of Display window was disabled. Then I decided to update Intel Graphics driver. I installed the latest version, and it worked brilliantly - resolution changed to 1920x1200. In display properties I finally saw my monitor model and available resolutions for it.  Everything seemed to be fine. But after reboot I was faced with the same problem as before - resolution changed to 1600x, 1920x option disappeared, monitor model also dissapeared, button Properties again disabled. I checked driver version - it was correct.
      Then I installed the driver again. Again the problem got fixed. This time I cached a moment and installed also driver for my monitor. But reboot had the same effect as before.

      Oh, and Intel Graphics and Media Control Panel application also stops working after reboot - all its dropdown lists and options get just empty.


      Please help me! What's wrong? Why can't I have the native resolution for my monitor, as I know all my hardware supports it? What should I do to keep high resolution after Windows reboot? Thanks in advance!