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    DNS requests by the Managibility Commander



      I noticed that if you start the Commander, close it, and open it again that it tries to resolve crl.geotrust.com, certificates.intel.com, and www.intel.com. Since my system is not connected the the internet, it times out eventually. But until then the Commander is not showing any GUI.

      Did anybody observe the same thing? And what is the reason for trying to resolve those names?



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               A network connection to the Internet is needed in order to verify the author (digital signature) of the applications and the installer. Without a full Internet connection, the installer and applications can take a few minutes to start, which may prevent the Manageability Outpost Service Tool from correctly starting as a Windows service.
              - A workaround for this is to add the following lines to the LMHOSTS file:


          Larry Lauritzen

          Digital Office - Problem Resolution Engineering
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