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    Changing voltage and "sccBmc -c status"



      I implemented a program to run on an SCC core and change voltages.
      I've seen in a document that the voltage domain numbers are like this :
        0     1     3
        4     5     7


      So if I want to change the voltage of voltage domain no. 4 to 1.1V, I write 0x104b0 to VRC.


      However, when I read the voltage via "sccBmc -c status", OPVR VCC5 is changed.
      It seems that the voltage domain numbers in "Tertiary supplies" don't match the voltage domain numbers described in the document.


      Does anyone have a similar problem?



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          This is not what I see.


          I start with

          tekubasx@marc101:/shared/tekubasx/Power$ sccBmc -c status |grep OPVR
              OPVR VCC0: 1.0961 V
            OPVR VCC1: 1.0957 V
            OPVR VCC2: 1.0957 V
            OPVR VCC3: 1.0949 V
            OPVR VCC4: 1.0962 V
            OPVR VCC5: 1.0962 V
            OPVR VCC7: 1.0948 V


          Then I write VCR with 0x104b0 (I ran the program on rck00)  and get

            OPVR VCC0: 1.0960 V
            OPVR VCC1: 1.0954 V
            OPVR VCC2: 1.0958 V
            OPVR VCC3: 1.0951 V
            OPVR VCC4: 1.1131 V <======
            OPVR VCC5: 1.0969 V
            OPVR VCC7: 1.0953 V


          How are your writing VCR? We put some sample code in http://communities.intel.com/docs/DOC-19003