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    RMM3 KVM console not responsive to keyboard and mouse input


      I have a SR2625URLX with the RMM3 module. The system has the following firmware levels:


                     BMC FW Rev : 00.57
                    Boot FW Rev : 00.18
            SDR Package Version : SDR Package 0.26
             Primary HSC FW Rev : 02.17
        Mgmt Engine (ME) FW Rev :


      The Baseboard LAN configuration and RMM3 configuration are on different subnets. I have tried Java 6u10, 6u16, and 6u22 with the same results. While I can get the console to display, the laptop keyboard is useless and the mouse tracking does not work. I am running the console under Vmware on an Ubuntu system with a Windows XP guest. Mouse tracking is set to ABSOLUTE. I am currently resorting to the software keyboard because the keyboard input doesn't work either. Basically, the remote console is useless.


      I have also tried Java 6u16, 6u18, and 6u22 under Ubuntu 10.04. I have the same problem. With the mouse tracking set to RELATIVE in ubuntu, without even touching the mouse, the mouse cursor moves *ON ITS OWN*!

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          Odd but I was able to VNC into an Ubuntu desktop at work and get access to the KVM console. I don't see why this would work though and running the Java console on my Ubuntu laptop (same version as what is on the desktop at work) does not work. Of course, I am connected to the RMM3 through a VPN from the laptop whereas the Ubuntu desktop at work has a direct connection. But, if the VPN is blocking anything, should all input and output for the Java console be blocked?