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    WiFi Link 5100 and Dell E1505


      Hello all.


      I have a Dell E1505 and installed the WiFi Link 5100 card into it. Works great but if I go away from it for more than 15 minutes, the laptop will completely freeze up. Everything is locked up and I can only hard power down the laptop. I looked into the event viewer and the only see Dhcp - Client and EapHost errors (and not sure why I keep getting those.) Those happen at the time the lockups happen. I have uninstalled and reinstalled Windows 7 Home Premium 32bit and the same problem happens. I also have the newest drivers from Intel for the card. If I shut the card down and use use the wired or no internet, the laptop will stay running until I shut it down normally. I have read other people having problems with the 5100 card and others have none. I would love to get this card working.

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          I had the 5100 AGN adapter installed in my Dell Studio 1737 but I had Vista Home Premium 64-bit and Windows 7 64-bit installed on it with no problems.


          Did you try downloading the drivers from Drivers & Download enter your service tag, then save the drivers to your desktop. Go to device manager, right click on the 5100 AGN adapter, uninstall, then tell it to uninstall all software with it.


          Restart your computer.


          Now install the drivers you saved to the desktop.


          After you have it installed, check your settings and see it they match mine.


          My Intel WiFi 5100 AGN Connectivity Settings