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    Intel HD 3000 disappear from device manager.


      I have a Alienware M17x R3. CPU: i7 2630QM ,  discrete gpu : Radeon HD 6990M and the integrated gpu Intel HD 3000. They are switchable and for 99% of time I use Radeon HD 6990 for gaming.


      However after one reboot, suddenly the resolution and the brighteness changed, since that the Intel HD 3000 gpu is unable to find in device manager, also I am not be able to switch 2 graphics.


      I access CMOS and it shows that "Integrated GPU not detected".  I tried to install the latest driver for Intel HD 3000 but it says that the system doesn't meet the minimum requirtment to install it.


      So I wonder, what went wrong ?  The sandy bridge chipset , or the mother board ?

      I have another question is that, should this HD 3000 gpu be reconized by Motherboard as an "Integrated GPU", or is it normal that in the CMOS even when you have a HD 3000 working properly, still you get the indication "Integrated GPU: Not detected" ?

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          The problem you are having could be related to the device being disabled from the BIOS. You see, our Intel(R) HD Graphics Controller is integrated to your processor, so if the graphics controller had failed, you would probably have a dead processor as well.


          I can recommend contacting Alienware to find out if a similar problem has been reported on their systems. From our part, we can recommend a BIOS update, and attempting to load the driver download available from the manufacturer's website.

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            Excuse me , should have chosen the "currect answer".


            Yes after the technical support replaced the mother board. Everything become normal again.