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    DZ68DB USB 3.0 slows down to a halt




      I have a single USB 3.0 device: iomega eGo 500GB 2.5" drive (RPHD-UG3).


      When connected to the board's USB 3.0 ports at the back (using both ports to provide enough power to the drive), file transfers start at a healthy speed of 45-50MBps and within 20-30 seconds slow down to a halt, causing the copy process to freeze and forcing me to kill it. This problem does not exist when the drive is connected to the front USB 2.0 ports.


      I tried updating the USB 3.0 controller driver to the latest version but the problem persists.

      I also tried enabling the option "Disable USB 3.0 power management functions" in the controller utility but that made absolutely no difference.


      Software/firmware versions:

      USB 3.0 driver:

      USB 3.0 firmware: 3025

      BIOS: 0029

      Intel Processor Graphics 2000:

      Chipset INF:

      OS: WIndows 7 Pro x64 SP1 fully updated


      How can I resolve this issue?




        • 1. Now rear USB stopped working altogether!

          And, for the first time since I bought this board (about two months ago), all rear USB ports stopped working all of a sudden! Front USB ports worked fine. Shutting down the computer and powering back on resolved the issue. Until next time I presume.


          A similar problem is described here:



          As this seems to be a known issue (judging by the response of the Intel representative in the above thread), I would like to know if this problem can be resolved please as it is starting to be quite frustrating.

          • 2. Re: Now rear USB stopped working altogether!

            Seeing that over 800 people have seen this thread (by far my most popular thread in my 8 years of foruming history) I'm amazed no one has replied at all.


            At any rate, the issue with rear USB 2.0 ports suddenly dying has not occurred since I opened this (very popular) thread, but what does happen on a daily basis is that the computer randomly won't wake from sleep by touching the USB keyboard (connected to a rear USB 2.0 port). When that happens, I am forced to press the power button to wake the computer, during which the keyboard takes a second or two to respond after the monitor displays an image (it actually misses keystorkes during those few seconds).


            USB 3.0 issue persists.


            Should I replace this motherboard under warranty (now six months left) or is there no point at all?