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    DH67BL no bios or bootmenu ?


      I finally got the right backplate for the cooler, so i installed the board. Windows 7 looks like working ok but when the pc starts up.


      Before Windows there is just an cursor blinking. Shouldnt be there something like F2 for bios?


      I pressed F2 and F10 like 100 times, there is nothing happening.


      When i change the bios jumper, it brings up some text bios, shouldnt this some kind of fancy graphics with UEFI?


      And i couldnt find any way to change bootorder.


      I already flashed latest bios from Windows, 119 was installed before.

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          I further noticed if:


          dvi connected to Samsung 23" = no intel logo at startup, just blinking cursor

          dvi connected to beamer = i get intel logo and f2 etc. but still no graphical menu (uefi is enabled)

          Samsung 23" connected on additional nvidia card = same as above with beamer


          Some problem with resolution? Monitor has more than 1920x1080 pixels.


          Also its not possible to use more than 1920x1080 in windows with dvi<->analog converter.

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            Did some extensive tests and removed the Nvidia card. Got another 19" screen with 1280x1024 pixels and additional analog and DVI cable to avoid faulty cables.


            Situation A - all Bios settings default (Primary IGD to Auto):

            - 19" displays Bios screen correctly over DVI-I Analog and DVI-I Digital, shows Windows normal.

            - 23" displays blinking Cursor, not possible to press F2. But at least i get Windows screen loaded.


            Situation B - while 19" is connected and waiting in Bios screen i did some "hotplug" and changed cables:

            - connected over analog cable, changed from 19" to 23" and it still shows loaded bios screen

            - same as above but with dvi calbe, works also


            Situation C - i choose setting Primary IGD to DVI-I Analog:

            - Instead of blinking cursor i see now F2 keys etc. on 23"


            Situation D - i choose setting Primary IGD to DVI-I Digital:

            - 19" doesnt display anything during bios (the screen blanks and cannot detect signal), but later displays Windows screen

            - 23" doesnt display antything, not even Windows


            I think i have now proof that Intel doesnt recognize any Screens with 2048x1152 in Bios screen and uses EDID to see if screen is valid before posting bios screen. Also its strange there is no bios screen on the 19" when DVI-I Digital is selected.


            So please someone from Intel fix this.