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    Cable disconected


      Well, this one will be a tough one I think. Recently I decided to put the guts of my comp into a new case so that I could get more airflow using filters so that I would not have to clean the entire board every six months when it was full of dust and stuff. So, I transfered the motherboard (D865PERL) into the new case and printed out the entire product description and technical reference pages and read them all. Then I proceeded to hook up all the connections which I might say I think I did a pretty good job of, however, there is one connection I can't find and I believe it to be the reason my comp syas cable not connected when I start up. Incidently, when it starts, it shows the nvidia screen and RAM and then goes into a screen that says the comp did not shut down properly and askes if I want to start windows normally or in safe mode. No matter what I click on it eventually goes to a black screen and a little blue square pops up that says cable not connected. If I leave it alone it will just restart itself and go through the same motions. That said, The only loose cable I have appears to be a thermal sensor cable that is glued to the copper underside of the heat sink. It is a black wire, actually two black wires together, with a white two hole end and for the life of me I cannot remember what that was connected to. I have an intrusion plug open, two fan plugs open and the IEEE bus pins open, but the wire does not reach any of these and there is nothing open that I can put a connector on near the CPU. The CPU fan is in the right place and I believe I put the front panel wires where they belong according to the reference tables and images and I just can't figure out why it won't work. Now when I had it off I did add a TV tuner on one of the PCI slots, but everything else is good to go. I am hoping someone can tell me what to do either with the thermal wire or in getting this comp to boot and run. Thanks for any help in advance.

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          I'd go back to basics and try and get it running with just the basic front panel things connected to the board eg Power on SW, Reset SW, Power LED and perhaps the HDD LED. Make sure the polarity of your connections is correct or LEDs won't work and you could have problems. You also need to check any add in cards have power supply connections provided if required eg some graphics cards have their own power socket as well as getting some power through the motherboard slot.


          I'm not sure what your temperature sensing thermister is all about but if this is a component that came with the board originally, the motherboard manual should explain all you need to know about it and how to connect it.

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            That is a very good idea. One I did not think of myself. I thought I was sure of the polarity on the LED's but your right to check it. On the thermister, I know, I also would have thought something would be in the references. I originally bought the comp used a while ago and perhaps the person before me was trying to make a gaming computer out of it and added some things to it. If that is the case then it may not have been connected when I took it apart. Very helpful info, thank you.