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    Intel S5500HCV OS install problem


      Hello, community!


      The configuration of my server:
      - Processor - 1 x Intel Xeon 5620
      - Server Board - Intel s5500HCV
      - Memory - 24 Gb Kingstone memory
      - Disks - 2x1Tb Seagate
      - Chassis - Intel SC5650
      As result i want to install SBS 2011 on RAID-1 disk configuration (using Intel ESRT2 controller-integrated to server board).
      The main idea of my problem - I couldn't install OS (such as MS Windows Server 2008 R2 or Small Business Server 2011) on server.
      First time I tried to install sbs 2011, but in result after installation in task manager I see core usage of one of proccessor cores - 70-100% all the time. Also I saw a lot of system freezes during the work and couldn't do anything (manage processes, services or drivers for examle).
      I suppose that the problem is in ESRT2-SW.RAID driver. I reinstalled system, using latest raid driver from Intel Support site (ver. 14.05 - I loaded it in first part of installation process, but installation process didn't ask me to do this), but i had the same result - freezes during working and 70-100% first core of CPU usage.
      I try 2008 R2 - the same result, I try to install OS without RAID configuration - I couldn't do this (installation proccess hang during finishing installation after first reboot - I can move mouse cursor, but installation can't finish (I wait for 1.5 hours) and only reset or power off buttons can help in this situation).
      After this I tried all configurations (with raid or without it) and i had the same problem - hanging during installation on last step.
      After this my colleague installed linux system (Ubuntu) on server - it worked fine.
      I installed MS Windows Server 2008 (x64) - during the installation it asked me to load raid driver and after that system installed and working fine.
      I found OS compatibility list on Intel site and this system is supported for my server board.
      I tested the memory (using MemTest 4.20). Memory is OK.
      SMART of HDD's is OK.
      Help please!
      Excuse me for my bad english.