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    new graphic card



      i want to replace my onboard graphic card with a pcie card.

      i know some steps of what i have to do, but not all


      1. uninstall intel graphix driver

      2. power down

      3. put new graphiccard in

      4. power on, enter bios


      5. now what do i do in the chipset menu of bios?

      i have D915GAV board with an grafic chip Intel(R) 82915G/82910GL/82915GV/82910GL Express Chipset Family
      in the video section there i have the following options:

      primary video adapter: auto (pcie, peg, igd)

      frame buffer size: some megabyte-settings (8 is the value there atm)

      igd aperture size: some megabyte-settings (256, atm)

      dvtm mode: dvmt (no clue what that is)

      igm dvmt fixed mem: some megabyte settings (128, atm)


      what do i need to set for the new graphic card? (plz no answers like "look in the motherboard/bios-"manual, i wouldnt post here if there was something explained in there ...)



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          Actually, when you install a PCI Express card there is no need to do anything at BIOS level. The PCI Express video card will disable your onboard graphics solution and the BIOS automatically detect your new video card configuration.