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    RAID + D975XBX2 + DVD-RW Issue


      Hi all,


      I'm new to this community and I thought the best way to say hello was to present you with a problem I've been having for some time now.


      I own an Intel Bad Axe 2 Motherboard (D975XBX2) with an Intel Quad Core (Q6700) and 2Gig Kingston Hyper-X RAM, alongside all this is an EVGA 8800GTX Nvidia graphics card with an 850W Antec PSU. The motherboards BIOS is currently using the most up-to-date version with Windows XP Professional 32-bit.


      Recently I purchased 2x Velociraptor 300GB SATA HDD's with the purpose of placing them into a RAID using my motherboard. In addition to this I have a 3rd HDD, a Seagate SATA 500GB acting as storage. I have also purchased a new DVD-Writer that is SATA based, a SONY DRU-190S. In order to configure the RAID I needed to install a floppy disc to load the RAID Intel drivers (I am NOT using the Marvell RAID) but later removed the floppy drive after setup.


      The RAID configuration is currently working in RAID 0 and everything else is working fine.


      The problem: After placing a disc into the DVD-Drive, the disc reads perfectly fine. But if the disc is left in the computer for a prolonged period of time (5 minutes at the most) and is not used then when I do want to read the information the drive attempts to read the disc with no success until I eject the disc and re-insert the disc, at which point is able to read the disc.


      My reading has indicated that because I changed the BIOS configuration from AHCI to RAID the drive will not function correctly. But after reading the Intel website it states that the RAID option enables the AHCI. This let me to believe my DVD-Drive was faulty but I fortuneatly had spare duplicate DVD-Drive available for testing and found that the same results occured.


      Is there anything that I may do to possible resolve this issue on my system?


      Thanks in advance.

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          Mike (Open Port Community Manager)

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            I have the same Bad Axe 2 and Q6700, I have a RAID0 on the ICH7R and a RAID1 storage array on the Marvel. I've found that certain DVD-RW drives do not play well with RAID enabled. Moving it to the Marvel does not remedy it either, the same thing happens. Example, I had another system have the DVD-RW need replacing so I took the perfectly working Samsung SH-203 out of my Bad Axe 2 system and put it in the other system and a new Samsung SH-223Q went in the Bad Axe 2. I soon started noticing that Vista would hang while the new Samsung either dropped off being recognized by the controller or resumed being recognized. I thought initially that this was because the new Samsung was faulty and tried another SH-223Q I had and it did the same thing. This is either a case of the firmware on some SATA DVD-RW not playing well with the ICH7R in RAID mode or the BIOS on the Bad Axe 2 not liking these drives when the ICH7R is in RAID mode. My only difference was that I multi-boot XP 32-bit, Vista Business 64-bit and Vista Ultimate 64-bit and in XP it never exhibited the hang behavior. I can't give you a remedy except to find a DVD-RW that doesn't behave this way or get rid of the RAID. My solution was to put the Samsung SH-203 back in my system and the new SH-223Q in the other one.