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    Intel Application Accelerator problems




      I'm new here and not sure if I posted in the correct forum. Mods, feel free to move it if needed.


      Here is the problem. I have an old but solid and stable PC that runs XP Home SP3 on i850 with P4 2.6 GHz and PATA HD. I installed UPS but noticed very slow hibernation, almost 2 minutes, too long to safely shut the PC on UPS in case of power failure.


      After tinkering with this I realized problem was with the Intel application accelerator 2.3 and the hibernation went to only 20 secs after uninstalling IAA.

      However, that removed CDROM and DVD from my system and they are not visible in device manager anymore with no errors reported. I tried the NO CD fix that removes the lowfilter and highfilter registries and it didn't help. I found someone with the same problem that was only fixed by reinstalling IAA, but that will mess up the hibernation time. And yes, IAA shortens boot time by like 5 secs.


      Any ideas how to revive the missing CD/DVD without reinstalling IAA?


      Many thanks!