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    DG45SG Sound problems.


      Hey guys,

      been searching for awhile now for a solution but still havent found anything. My problem is that all analog jacks on my motherboard all show that they are unplugged even if something is plugged in. But the wierd thing is that the optical out is working fine. Ive updated my drivers, checked my bios if audio is enabled, ive generally done everything thats been said to fix it but nothing seems to work. If somebody can help please guide me because this is very fustrating.

      Thanks for your time.



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          Hmm, interesting findings indeed. I assume you meant to write you have a DP45SG but I have the DG45ID which uses the same sound chip/codec and using the latest Intel provided audio drivers, when using optical audio output (and only that output), the audio locks up from time to time. Have you tried uninstalling the Intel/IDT drivers altogether and using just the Windows native drivers - that works for me. It'd also be worth ensuring that all of your system BIOS settings are default and that no overclocking is taking place.

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            Thanks for your reply. I tried to unistall everything and do it from the windows update, but now it wont accept the drivers. Im getting: Windows found driver software for your device but encountered an error while attempting to install it.

            Thanks again for the reply.

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              So if your uninstall didn't work, reinstall the Intel/IDT Audio drivers for the board, reboot and then uninstall them again using Control Panel Programs and Features. Without the Intel provided drivers, as long as you have a reliable internet connection, after rebooting the PC after uninstalling the second time, windows will detect its audio driverless and download its own (Microsoft provided) drivers off the internet automatically.


              Is the PC running with default BIOS settings (no overclocking)?


              How does that work for you?