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    A new SCC L2 Flush Routine


      Our latest SCC L2 flush routine is looking good. We've done some preliminary testing. If you would like to try out the SCC L2 flush rckmem driver, it is located in our public SVN, http://marcbug.scc-dc.com/svn/repository/trunk/CustomSCCLinux/


      The driver is called rckmem-006-38.c. An SCC Linux with this driver is also available and is called linux_912_rckmem_006-38.obj.

      If you want to build your own SCC Linux with this driver, first build an SCC Linux as described in http://communities.intel.com/docs/DOC-6869. Please look at http://communities.intel.com/message/139762#139762 which discusses some difficulties with this build procedure due to that kernel.org hack.

      Once you do successfully build, rename rckmem-006-38.c to rckmem.c and copy this file to buildroot-2011.05/output/build/linux- and rebuild.