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    intel EXTREME Series DP45SG


      During the rendering process of a video file after completion of 3%, my system hang. And there is no error report return back. I check the bios and found my processor temperature as 54 degree celsious constantly. after hanging no changes in the processor temperature. What I have to do next step for clearing this problem. kindly help me to solve this issue.


      My Mother Board No. intel EXTREME Series DP45SG

      processor intel Core 2 Duo

      Memory 2gb 1333 cloaking speed x 2

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          What happens if you 'Load Optimum Defaults' in the BIOS settings and save out of there? I'm unsure what you mean by  'cloaking speed x 2' but if that's not default, try resetting that to default values as well.


          If you retry rendering (converting?) the video file does it fail again at the same point? If so, are you sure the video file is ok and not corrupted?