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    DG33BU - RAM compatibility


      I have a motherboard intel DG33BU, processor intel core 2 duo E8400, video card GeForce 8800 GS XFX, and a pair of dimms (kingston DDR2 - KVR667D2N5/ 1G) running in dual channel mode. I bought a pair of dimms (kingston DDR2 - KVR667D2N5/ 2G) and they doesn´t work together, nothing appear on the monitor, but individually they are ok. The most surprising is when I remove the video card, using the onboard one, and it works fine in dual channel (4GB). I have tested one 1G dimm and other 2GB, but there was no output from video card too (onboard and offboard cards). The bios is updated. Also tested using two dimms kingston KVR800D2N6/ 2G.


      Thanks for assistance

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          The memory seems to be compatible, but it might be situation with the power supply.

          The minimum recommended power supply is 300w with 1G of RAM and with onboard video, If you add an external video card and 4 G of ram you may need a bigger power supply to prevent this kind of inconvenience.

          Please bear in mind the boar is a mature product older than 3 years and the information and Troubleshooting is limited to the information on the website.



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            Hi Mr. Firmus,


            Interesting!!! I couldn't resisit write here...


            I have a similar configuration, but another video card: Radeon 5550 1GB DDR3. Like yours I'm using just a par of Kingston 1Gb in dual channel. My power supply is a real 550w. I have no throuble with this configuration.


            Let's do this:I will search if I can buy this Kingston KVR667D2N5/ 2G and plug it in.


            After this I come here and give you a feedback.



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              Hello Ricardo,


              My power supply is a 550w. I've already tested turning off my extra hard disk, which I think has a more power consumption. The trouble is when I switch a pair of 1GB dimms by a pair of 2GB ones.



              RAM: 2 x 1 GB
              1 Sata HD
              1 IDE  HD
              --> OK



              RAM: 2 x 2 GB
              1 Sata HD
              --> NOT OK


              Configuration A has a more power consumption, I think this proves there is not a situation with the power supply.



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                Right. 550w power supply should be enough. Try to load the default settings on the BIOS then use the 2G RAM on the blue DIMM.

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                  Tried it but the problem continues. Do you think could be possible a compatibility issue between RAM chip and memory chip of the video card?
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                    I should not be a problem like this:

                    Try to get the latest drivers for your video card and  BIOS recovery:

                    1)           Turn the system off

                    2)           Remove all the peripherals (keyboard, mouse and cd, DVD drive)

                    3)           Remove the BIOS jumper from the board

                    4)           Load the DP0572P.BIO file in an empty flash drive hopefully no bigger than 2g and connect it to the back panel of your board

                    5)           Turn the system on and wait for 10 minutes until you see the BIOS update screen.

                    6)           Then boot to the BIOS and check the latest BIOS version was loaded correctly.

                    You can get the latest BIOS version for the following link:

                    If the problem continues we might be facing and incompatibility problem

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                      here comes de Sun!!! (or not)...


                      I buyed the memory same as yours: KVR667D2N5/2G.


                      Like I sad my configuration is suchlike yours but my pair work properly!!! Was just plug and play.


                      I'm using Windows XP and it just shows 3.25Gb (Everest: 3325Mb) but all physics DIMMs slots were recognized.


                      Maybe you could try a friend or neighbor with another video card model... just plug... if it works you'll really know the right answer, right?



                      Good Luck, Dude!!!




                      PS - Memory Controller Hub Vcc 1.243V

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                        BIOS                           DPP3510J.86A.0572.2009.0715.2346

                        BIOS Date:                  07/15/09

                        Video BIOS Date:         01/19/10



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                          OK SirX,


                          Thanks for the post. I'll consider try another RAM. The chip manufacturer of my 1GB RAM is elpida (then brand written on every chip), even though it's from kingston, I think it's the card assembler. But the 2 GB kingston RAM chip is from another manufacturer, there is no brand name written on the chips. I brought my cpu to a cpu expert and he told me that it could be some kind of incompatibility between RAM chip and memory chip of the video card. Meanwhile I think that's the most reasonable answer.

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                            Wow again!!!


                            There's no label written too!!!


                            Maybe you could try another video card in this expert!!! Could he let you some???


                            Good luck, dude!!! Waiting 4 replys...



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                              I have tried another RAM types, from Samsung and Elpida, but without success. But with the latest one, I changed every bios video configuration, not only DVMT modes (FIXED and DVMT) that I had done before. So when I switched the IGD Aperture Size to 128 MB, was 256 MB, it worked! BINGO!
                              If there was something about this DVMT issue written in the manual or got any tip from intel experts, would have saved my money and a lot of time...


                              SirX, could you tell us about your bios video configuration? Thx