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    Intel Desktop Board has too long backside pins, Cooler problem




      first of all, i find it rather amusing that intel gives no support via email at all for any desktop board. I bought an DH67BL in a retail box and didnt really expect this.


      My problem is, i wanted to mount an Mugen2 cooler with retention kit. The backside pins on the mainboard are quite long. Thats even longer than the foam on the backplate. So when i tighten the cooler, the backplate is not sitting even on the board but whats even worse, what happens if the foam tears on multiple pins and the pins get contact to the metal backplate? I dont want to run any time bomb like this.


      So my question is, what happens if i trim down the pins, will i loose warranty? The coils do have thick pins up to 2.2mm long.

      Or do i even have warranty at all, if Intel does not give any support?