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    Intel hd graphics, is it normal or what?


      Hello world


      Few weeks ago I bought hp pavilion g6 series notebook with intel hd graphics integrated gpu.

      Motherboard Intel Hm55, cpu i3-370m, 4gb ram all drivers up-to-date
      @ intel's homepage http://ark.intel.com/products/49020/Intel-Core-i3-370M-Processor-(3M-cache-2_40-GHz) you can see gpu's specs


      Graphics Specifications
      Integrated Graphics
      Graphics Base Frequency
      500 MHz
      Graphics Max Dynamic Frequency
      667 MHz
      Intel® Flexible Display Interface (Intel® FDI)
      Intel® Clear Video HD Technology
      Dual Display Capable
      Macrovision* License Required



      gpu base freq 500mhz... now best part... I have installed software called HWiNFO64 to see all my pc specs... in sections GPU curret clock (MHz) there is only 366.7!!!
      then installed other software called techpowerup gpu-z to ensure my gpu speed ... and again my gpu clock only runs @ 371 MHz.


      Can someone help me solve this problem?

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          Keep in mind that you are using a laptop or notebook computer, which design is highly oriented to power saving. Therefore if your computer is not demanding too much power from the integrated video controller the system may lower the frequency and power provided to it and order to save energy (specially when using just the battery).


          In this case you can try disabling any power saving features on the system BIOS of the notebook, set the operating system to run in full power through its power options or power schemes and check with your computer manufacturer to verify that the hardware installed is working properly.

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            My power plan is High Performance, in power options for this plan there is intel hd graphics settings, where I have set option to high performance, like in graphics options....
            Today I've recodnized that my DDR3 ram which must run @ clock speed 800 or 1066mhz, runs at speed of 667MHz!


            When I bought this pc it had win7 preinstalled, maybe they just set power saving tweaks or something....


            Can you please Diego_Intel explain in details how to set power settings in bios... if only its possible... thx

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              Run Furmark and check frequency under load.

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                The information I refered to was just general settings information for your refence.


                If you would like to check why the system runs that way and how to set it to a given speed, you need to check with your system manufacturer.

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                  What you are seeing is normal and is not a problem.  The graphics hardware is capable of modulating its speed up or down based on load.  Under most circumstances (surfing the web, working with productivity software, etc), the graphics hardware is very lightly loaded and will run at the minimum frequency that it can for power savings (366 MHz in your case).  If the work is more demanding, the hardware automatically increases frequency up to its nominal "maximum" frequency (500  MHz in this case).  If there is thermal headroom (e.g. if the CPU cores aren't too busy at the same time), then Turbo kicks in to push graphics frequency higher (667).

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