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    What should I check? "'Failed operation on Drive"




      Last time I got no answer, but I'm hoping I'll get it now

      I got an Intel server with a SRCSASLS4I RAID-controller.

      I've got a working RAID5 with 6 x 2Tb HDD and a 2Tb HSP.

      I wanted to put another 2Tb HDD in it and increase the size, but the new drive (fresh from shop) is giving "Failed operation on Drive" anytime. I cold not put the drive into dedicated, nor global HSP state, but I can put it to unconf bad and unconf good with no problem. It says 'Media errors: 0'.


      I got another server with exactly the same parts, but with other RAID config. I couldn't put it into that as HSP either.


      The HDD looked good according to SMART.



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          Where exactly are you receiving the "Failed operation on Drive" message?

          What "Intel server" do you have?


          What is the manufacture and model numbers of the disk drives you're using?


          How are the current seven 2tb disk drives connected to the SRCSASLS4I controller?  How are you connecting the new drive to the SRCSASLS4I controller?


          What is the configuration (RAID type and drive connection) of the "another server with exactly the same parts"?


          What firmware are you using on the SRCSASLS4I controller? If you're using expanders, I assume you are, what firmware version are the expanders running?



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            Hi John,


            and thanks for the helping questions. I totally forgot I asked help. The HDD was bad, I sent back to be replaced.


            If You have time, please see my other started discussion: Operations tab is not present on my Web Console 2 (I've just sent in, it is under moderation, bt I think it shuould be here after it: http://communities.intel.com/people/mr.teecee?view=discussions )


            BTW question to the admins: if the questions is not answered, but my problem is solved, should I choose 'Yes, my question has been answered?'