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    DH67BLB3 Motherboard with 0125 doesn't stay turned off


      Built a system with a DH67BL motherboard and Core I5-2400. It works well. Running Windows 7 64-bit Home Premium. Using a Corsair CX430w powersupply. No PCIe add in cards. Only attached devices are SATA HD and DVD, monitor (DVI), USB keyboard and mouse, USB printer (old HP DeskJet).


      When shutdown (Start menu, shutdown) the computer turns off. Then 2-5 seconds later starts back up.


      I updated the bios to 0125, no effect.


      Tried turning off wake from S4/S5 (thus requiring power button to turn on) in the BIOS config. I disabled WakeOnLan in the Windows network device configuration and the BIOS config. The machine still would not stay off. I loaded the BIOS defaults then disabled the wake on lan/wake from S4/S5 and it finally stayed off.


      Then the power went out and once again the computer is refraining from staying off.


      Unfortunately this is a computer I built for a customer, I went with an Intel board because I had good luck with them on my own Core2Duo machines. I'm starting to wonder if it was a mistake. The computer is embaressing me and if it keeps up I'll be forced to replace the motherboard with something that works. I won't rule out a power problem, but for this system that Corsair psu should be plenty. I have a Core i7-920 that runs flawlessly on a Corsair 400CX

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          jpbot wrote:

          I won't rule out a power problem, but for this system that Corsair psu should be plenty. I have a Core i7-920 that runs flawlessly on a Corsair 400CX

          It should be plenty and if anything possibly the fact it's so lightly loaded may mean the PSU is having a hard time staying within tolerance. You've already tried all the BIOS and configuration related things I'd try apart from one. If it still wakes up even when these BIOS settings are configurered to not allow it to wake, make sure the LAN cable is unplugged when testing this (just to rule out a possible malfunction in the WOL off setting).


          I'd try it with a different PSU if you have one to spare and give it a good thorough test to satisfy yourself it's working as it should be before returning it to the customer. Maybe if their mains supply is unreliable, they may benifit from a UPS as well....

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            Okay, so more strangeness.


            Dropped in a spare hard drive and installed Win7, got the missing drivers installed and with the network connection Win7 was busy downloading updates. Shutdown a few times and the computer stayed off.


            Didn't think much of it, but I left the original drive in the case and connected to power. Things were looking good so I figured a software issue and finished installing everything. Test a few times while installing updates and office and updates to office and updates to updates.


            While it was off I pulled the original drive and closed up the case and after powering on the computer wouldn't stay shutdown again. There had been a couple updates so I used the system restore to go back a couple points and it still wouldn't stay off.


            Opened the case, plugged the second hard drive into power only. Turned on the computer and then shutdown normally.


            Figured some kind of power supply issue. Came back today with a different power supply (Antec Neo HE 500, an older PSU, pulled from my personal machine that I just decommissioned). As soon as I plugged it in the computer started up and the same 3 seconds off then restart behavior persists.


            I could rip more computers apart for PSUs to try, I could buy a new PSU or I could buy a different motherboard. I told the customer I was going to get a new motherboard, I'm having a hard time sticking with Intel on this...

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              You mentioned an old printer is being used. Have you tested the system with that printer completely out of the loop (and none of it's drivers installed)? The fact that you had it working fine initially but then shut it down before it'd completed all of its updating may have something to do with things. If it was mine I'd reload BIOS Optimal Defaults, perform another fresh install (without the printer connected), install the latest Intel drivers for the hardware reboot and run Windows Update, rebooting (only) when it asks and then going back to Windows Update and repeating the update process until there are no more important updates. How does it then perform as far as shutdowns are concerned?

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                I ordered a different motherboard (Gigabyte) moved everything over and it works fine. Only thing I had to do was install the ethernet driver for the Realtek (do appreciate the Intel NICs on non Atom Intel boards). For some reason the mouse driver (MS USB mouse) needed to redownload itself and with the hardware change Windows 7 and Office needed to reactivate and (happy about this) happily did with just a click.


                Before switching it out I did disconnected the printer, no fix. Disconnected keyboard, no fix, added the keyboard back and disconnected the mouse and speakers (just keyboard, cdrom, hd and monitor) still no fix.


                Not sure what I'll do with the DH67BLB3 now. It has plenty of warranty but I don't have a cpu to test with now.

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                  Hi all folks,


                  yesterday I completed my new PC having almost exactly the same configuration as described here:


                  - DH67BL motherboard

                  - Core I5-2500.

                  - Windows 7 64-bit Home Premium

                  - Corsair CX430 v2 powersupply

                  - No PCIe add in cards, no LAN, no Printer, only 1 SATAIII SSD HDD, SATAII ASUS DVD R/W optical storage & DVI monitor, USB keyboard and mouse


                  It works  well too.  But when shutdown (Start menu, shutdown or case front panel button press) the computer turns off. Then 2-5 seconds later starts to boot up again. The same behaviour (self initiated system startup) is after hard power switch off for a short time followed by the power switch on. Only power switch on after a long taking power off will not cause the system self startup.  Because the problem was detected latter in the evening yesterday I hasn't try any BIOS configuration setting so far. But reading this discussion I am in doubts if I can solve problem by changing BIOS config. BTW this is my second motheboard of this type. The first one was faulty with partialy the same/the opposite symptoms - system hasn't started to boot at all (fans were operating for 2-3 seconds, then they stopped operating until hard power switch off/on). But "interesting" about this first faulty board was  the same behaviour of fan self starting when power off/on as with this new replaced board.

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                    Something might be fooling your system into interpreting a normal shutdown as power failure.


                    The DH67BLB3 manual states:


                    "When resuming from AC power failure, the computer returns to the power state it

                    was in before power was interrupted (either on or off). The computer´s response can

                    be set by using the Last Power State feature in the BIOS Setup program´s Boot menu"


                    Perhaps you could give this BIOS option a try.

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                      As I checked just now, the default BIOS setting (currently used) is "to stay OFF" after power failure is detected. Also LAN wake up is disabled (even I use no LAN conection). I checked also RAM (8GB) - OK.  Can anybody help?




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                        In my case the user could get the machine to switch off by pressing the front panel (soft) power switch during the BIOS part of the automatic boot.


                        I also noticed if I went into the BIOS setup the computer stayed off after the next shutdown (making it seem fixed)


                        I'm wondering if you have the same behavior. Also the short duration hard off the auto boot was happening to me as well.


                        I did notice live booting linux (ubuntu 11.04) from a USB flash drive seemed to be able to shutdown the system, but, I didn't change the boot priority and had used the BIOS boot menu which may have caused the same behavior I mentioned above with entering BIOS setup.

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                          I investigated the problem yesterday night for many hours with interesting result. As I wasn't able to influence this misbehaviour by BIOS setting I started to uninstall all installed applications and updates onward. This also didn't help. Finally I reinstalled win7 from the scratch. The very first installation was done with default VGA display driver. Having this installation the system worked properly including  correctly executed switch off procedure. As soon as I upgraded display driver to Intel(R) HD display driver (I am using HP ZR24w LCD monitor connectied via DVI port), the malfunction of switch-off procedure appeared again!!!  So result is the Intel HD67BL board with Intel i5-2500 core using Intel (R) HD display driver doesn't work correctly! ... but what to do with this? I tried to download & install driver from HP web site for my model of monitor, but I failed - some incompatibility was reported. Because it was too late night I stopped investigation and I will continue latted this evening. But any idea what to do further would be still appreciated.

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                            It seems like more people are reporting this problem now so perhaps there is an issue that Intel needs to be made aware of. If running the HP monitor driver installation package has no effect then you should be able to update that driver from device manager - just let it go on the internet and get the latest that way. I'm not sure new monitor driver would have much affect over this power related problem though. Once you do have all the latest drivers and updates installed (in the correct order starting with the OS updates (minus their drivers) then chipset drivers then Graphics, Audio, LAN and any other hardware related drivers, if these problems are still evident, I'd contact Intel Tech Support to see how they can help. Let us know the outcome.

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                              I've made a "great" discovery during the weekend investigation of the problem. But let's start the story from the begining ...

                              First I reinstalled win7 from the scratch. With default VGA adapter driver the PC switch off procedure worked correctly. Then I installed a new video graphics driver version for Intel® Desktop Boards with Intel® HD Graphics. From this point the PC switch off procedure was out of order. Nothing changed after I installed new monitor driver form HP and also after I updated BIOS from version 0119 to 0132. Then I installed all remaining drivers from Intel DVD which was delivered together with the motheboard. Installation was successful and ... suddenly I found out the PC switch off procedure wokrs OK again! I was happy I solved problem until I removed DVD media from the optical mechanics. After that I learned the PC switch off procedure is working malfunctioned way again. So the yesterday's discovery is the knowledge -  if I leave media in the DVD optical mechanics, the PC switch off works correctly, if not, it fails. From this finding results also a possible workaround - if you want to use a Intel DH67BL3 board in your PC, you must buy and install two optical DVD mechanics. The first one you will use for work with DVD media, the second will be spare, always holding any CD/DVD to be able you to switch your PC off correctly. Funny, isn't it? 


                              I repeatedly tried a short (5 sec) power off when PC was running. In spite of BIOS setting 'to stay off after power failure is detected' the PC  booted and system started operating again. So having these three symptoms:

                              - PC will not stay off after power failure even when it is expected to do so based on BIOS setting

                              - not possible to switch the PC off after Intel® HD Graphics driver is installed

                              - PC switch off works OK with Intel® HD Graphics driver is installed only if DVD media is present in optical mechanics


                              ... I am really curious if problem is in the wrong BIOS, wrong motheboard, wrong driver(s) ... or wrong me.



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                                It should be in some post above, but I had a similar experience which made me think power supply, but tried a different one without any luck.


                                In my case I rebuilt the OS on a replacement hard drive. I'd left the original drive mounted in the case and only took the data cable. I left the original drive connected to power and the system powered off normally, and stayed off. Happy with myself I disconnected the power connector and removed the drive from the case convinced some software problem had cropped up and all was good. Tested once more and the problem was back. I plugged the drive back in and the problem went away. I came back later and swapped power supplies with another manufacture, age, power output and the problem persisted.


                                I'm curious now, do you have a PCIe graphics card you could test in the system? Maybe it would work fine with a dedicated graphics card?


                                I still have this board, but no cpu or memory for it as those components were moved to a new board for the customer which has been working fine.

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                                  As for the optical drive not allowing correct shutdown unless media is present - the cure may be updated firmware from the optical drive manufacturer (this is the type of issue that a firmware update can resolve). Have you checked the Asus website to see if newer firmware for it is available?


                                  The other thing that came to mind about this issue is that I've read of some cards and USB devices causing such issues. I see on the list you provided that you have no PCIe cards installed - does that mean no PCI card is installed either? Other than the mouse and keyboard, are there any other USB devices and if these peripherals are firmware updatable (eg some of Logitechs USB hubs), have you installed the software to check and update its firmware?


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                                    I tried to update firmware from ASUS (optical drive manufacturer), but I failed as the related web page requires to select used operating system from predefined list but the lastest OS available to select is Vista 64 bit! In the ASUS they probably still didn''t notice the windows 7 has already been release some years ago!


                                    Yes I have neither PCI nor PCIe cards installed. My configuration is listed in the post above. Instead of dedicated  graphics card I use in processor integrated Intel HD2000 graphic engine.


                                    What's about USB,  exept of USB mouse and keyboard I only use USB stick modem to connect to internet. But  the incorrect behaviour about PC-switch off is still the same nevertheless this modem is connected or not..

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