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    DG35EC + Q6660


      Hello from Venezuela. I'll try to be clear, and quick, I hope my english help me ...


      I came here because the last week my pc don't work. In 3 times happen this: the pc freeze, reset and nothing happens. Never the BIOS show up. So reading, I try with the battery and changing the pin. The first two time this work, but the last week don't.


      I'm turning on with battery, without battery, with pin, without pin... really I don't know. It's rare, because the led in the mother board turn on (and of course in the case too), the dvd, HD, and all fans turn on... I try without RAM and video, and nothing happens. The BIOS never came.


      I took the mobo out of the case, and try only with ram, video and monitor, and CPU of course and still the same. I don't know how to know what is the real problem. At this moment, I can't buy a completely new pc... because buy a new generation mother board is buy a new CPU, Ram and all that... and I don't know if will good idea change a Core2Quad for a i3... I think maybe will going to be more cheap change the bad thing and wait for the next generation in 2012 I guess.


      Oh, in the last two days, when I turn on, in 5 minutes, the pc turn off. Still in the same: don't show the BIOS. And other thing, my mobo never (since mid-2007) make the beep sound... I don't know why. Maybe with this beep I could know the problem, but I don't know.


      My specs:

      Mobo DG35EC

      Core2Quad 2.4

      RAM 4GB Kingston

      Vídeo: 512 Nvidia 9600GT

      PSU: 1000W


      Thanks for all the help in advance...



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          You haven't tried replacing the most common part to fail on PCs - the PSU (Power Supply Unit)! The symptoms you describe are typical of how PSU failure often becomes evident.

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            No, I just checked the psu with another pc and it's working... I don't know what more do

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              Just because the PSU from this PC works with another motherboard does not mean it's definitely OK with yours. PSUs can be a bit temperamental and sometimes behave differently when hooked to motherboards with different characteristics and power requirements (especially if they're already marginal when it comes to being within voltage tolerances).


              A better test would be to find another PSU to test with THIS DG35EC motherboard. If you want to avoid buying one just for testing purposes, a local computer shop may have some they can try with your PC for a small cost just to see if that eliminates the problem.