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    MBEx on s1200kp



      I have an s1200kp server motherboard.  It is a m-ITX, c206/lga1155-based, Xeon motherboard.  It is paired with a Xeon E3-1260L.


      I can't figure out how to access the Intel Management Engine Bios Extensions (MBEx) to configure AMT for my motherboard.  Pressing ctrl+p during boot does nothing, there is no Management Engine or AMT tab in the bios, and there are no MBEx related messages during boot.


      I verified that I have the latest version of the bios (this mobo just came to market).


      My ultimate goal is to configure vPro-based KVM-over-IP to remote control my server.


      Thanks in advance,


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          I have ordered the same combination of Motherboard/ CPU.

          I believe that we both are out of luck as far as regarding vPro technology support with this configuration. The CPU is vPro ready with KVM remote control but the motherboard does not support it.

          Check both links to verify both my statements:





          The only way to setup KVM remote control in a mini-ITX form factor using a Xeon E3 cpu is to couple it with DQ67EP mini-ITX which supports this specific processor.


          The strange thing regarding C202/C204/C206 chipsets, it that according to the following link they support Intel AMT 7.0 :




          But so far Intel Server boards with that particular chipsets do not support it.....so far....... 

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            Hmmm I think you've nailed it on the head, fsofos.


            I had been operating on the reasonable assumption that all c206 chipset boards supported AMT, since there is no indication to the contrary anywhere I've seen OTHER THAN the ark.intel.com information on the s1200kp.  Intel is really screwing this vPro/AMT stuff up... they couldn't be making it harder to make use of it for end-users.


            Anyway, I'm actually going to try and exchange my S1200KP with a DQ67EP from the place I bought it.  If successful, I'll also have to buy new memory (non-ECC to replace the ECC memory I had, since the DQ67EP doesn't support ECC memory apparently).


            What a freaking headache.


            Thanks for the pointers, fsofos.  Take care.

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              To put some salt on your project....


              My initial motivation for bulding a configuration like your's was the "existance" of Small Business Server 2011 Essentials Add-in made by Intel called "

              Intel® Small Business Manageability Add-in" which when coupled with a vpro ready Server clients, it could manage the whole network from within the SBS Console. Perfect senario for Small Business.

              Here are some links just to understand what this could offer...:


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                funny thing is that WADE-8011, C206 board from portwell does support AMT7.0 tech according to their specification page.


                but I am stick to s1200kp because WADE-8011 does not support ecc.


                is there any chance that next firmware would support AMT 7.0?

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