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    Centrino N 100 won't run at 150Mbit (N-speeds)




      I recently bought an Asus K53SC-SX075V with an b/g/n-adapter: Centrino N 100.

      First thing I did was exchange the standard HDD for a Solid State Drive and reinstall windows 7 64bit.

      After installing the latest centrino N 100 driver from intel, link: http://downloadcenter.intel.com/Detail_Desc.aspx?agr=Y&ProdId=3313&DwnldID=20123&ProductFamily=Wireless+Networking&ProductLine=Intel%c2%ae+WiFi+Products&ProductProduct=Intel%c2%ae+Centrino%c2%ae+Wireless-N+100&DownloadType=Software+Applicationseng


      (hope the link works with copy paste)


      But the problem is, the centrino N 100 won't run at 150Mbit (N-speeds), but at a merely 65Mbit.


      Does anyone know how to resolve this?




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          Hi all,


          well found it myself. Haven't been at it for a while, but today just wanted to figure it out.

          Seems the problem was in the properties of the wireless-N 100 adapter.


          In the properties - advanced tab there is a option called:"Ad Hoc QoS modus" which you can change to "WMM on" or "WMM off".

          This was in the "off" position. When turning this on my wireless speeds immediately went from 5Mb/sec (not Mbit!!) to 9,8Mb/sec copying big files (20Gb+) on my local network. All other properties are in the default position.


          So case closed. I'm one happy user now!! : )